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The Division 2 PVP: How To Play

The Division 2 is now out and about after an initial early release for pre-ordering players, and with it comes an open world filled with conflict, loot, and plenty of challenge.

Much of that challenge lies in its PVP component, known as Conflict mode.

division 2 pvp

In The Division 2, the main drive for the experience lies in the cooperative campaign, with a solo offering still there should you feel so inclined to battle it out in a ravaged Washington D.C. on your lonesome.

Conflict Mode also acts as a unique experience, seperate from the single and cooperative offerings. Much like what’s on offer in the Dark Zones — The Division 2‘s endgame experience — Conflict mode is there for the taking, but it won’t be easy, and you’ll need to know some basics before jumping in.

division 2 pvp

How To Play PVP

PVP comes to The Division 2 after being a much asked about feature of the first game. 

While the Dark Zone offers plenty in the way of additional content, such is the world of The Division that there was a pretty aggressive campaign to add a complete and refined PVP mode.

the division 2 pvp

Enter: The Division 2.

Conflict mode — which is the The Division 2‘s PVP component — is designed specifically from the ground up for PVP gameplay.

the division 2 pvp

There are three unique locations, and you can play The Division 2‘s PVP as soon as you complete the prologue mission, which is when Conflict opens up for you.

There are two modes within a mode: Skirmish, and Domination, the two modes of The Division 2‘s PVP offering, Conflict.

the division 2 pvp

You can access The Division 2‘s PVP two ways: either via the White House, by talking to an NPC, or directly within the game’s menu.

At the White House, you’ll find this NPC beneath the command centre, near the entrance of the White House. 

division 2 pvp

In the map menu, you can access Conflict via the sub-menu second from the left. This will also be your go-to when wanting to check your progress and statistic.

Skirmish PVP

Skirmish in Conflict is essentially Team Deathmatch, but with a slight twist: you’ll battle it out in teams, working towards depleting the other team’s respawn count. If the timer hits 0, the team with the most respawn points left wins the match.

division 2 pvp

Domination PVP

Domination in Conflict is about what you’d expect: teams fight over three objectives on the map, with the first two 750 points the winner.

And that’s about it on the PVP front. We’ll take a look at ideal loadouts in the near future, so keep checking back via our The Division 2 section for updates.

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