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The Division 2 preload is now live

Ahead of its pre-order early access on March 12 and its full public release on March 15, The Division 2 is now readying itself for battle.

Ubisoft has launched the pre-load client for The Division 2, allowing players across PC, PS4 and Xbox One to load up the game in preparation for launch.

the division 2 download size

The PC version has been ready since the first title update, with the PS4 and Xbox One client launching later today.

With a huge day one update planned however, even for those with a disc, you may have to change those release day plans.

the division 2 download size

PlayStation 4 gamers stand to be the biggest hit, with a massive 92 GB, and even disc owners standing to have to download from the PlayStation Network to get the game ready.

As for Xbox One and PC players, they’ll have to get ready for between 48-52 GB of downloads if they’re buying digitally.

the division 2 download size

On top of this, Update 1.5 on March 15 is an additional 2GB. Ubisoft sure is taking up a lot of time and space to get you ready for The Division 2‘s release.

The Division 2 Download Size

PlayStation 4: 88-92 GB

Xbox One: 48-52 GB

PC: 48-52 GB


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