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The Division 2 Endgame content: Here’s what to expect

The Division 2 is set to launch on Xbox One, PS4 and PC in the coming days, and once you download that huge day one update, you’ll be ready to jump in and start on the quest towards saving Washington D.C. But what happens when you take back control, hit the level cap, and save the city? As it turns out, that’s just the beginning!

The main story in The Division 2 is expected to take about 40 hours to complete, and alongside your stock-standard side quests, the three Dark Zones and two PvP modes, there’s plenty to get through across the game before even hitting the Endgame component.

the division 2 endgame

Once you hit the level cap of 30 and take care of a designated stronghold required to end the heightened conflict, a new enemy will be “unlocked” and map invaded to kickstart the endgame experience.

As with The Division, you’ll battle through five main world tiers, which become progressively harder, and, thus, reward you with better loot upon completion.

the division 2 endgame

Level 30 also presents you with the opportunity to unlock the game’s three specializations:



Survivalists take control of surroundings, and can use traps to keep an area under control. A crossbow acts as their primary weapon.


The grenade launcher — of course — acts as the Demolitionist’s primary weapon.


Last but not least is the Sharpshooter, who wields a powerful sniper rifle for long-range combat.

Ubisoft promises that with the endgame activity, the world will be “living”, with enemy factions battling it out for resources.

the division 2 endgame

As with the first game, you’ll be able to tackle certain activities and objectives across a three-tier difficulty range: hard, challenging, and heroic, each with their own range of objectives and rewards.

World Tiers

Once the endgame is unlocked and the world is overtaken by the new faction, you’ll battle additional strongholds, which, upon completion will up the “world” tier, which impacts difficulty and loot availability.

World Tier 1 unlocks once you hit level 30 and complete the final stronghold mission. This tier offers up daily missions, and you’ll have six missions across three strongholds to complete before moving up to Tier 2, then Tier 3, and finally Tier 4, with Tier 5 requirements still to be determined at this point.

the division 2 endgame

Upon release and some time with the game we should get a better idea of how the endgame works in execution, so be sure to check our The Division 2 wiki for more updates and guides in the coming days.

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