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Overwatch: Hanzo is set for a major rework

Hanzo, the Overwatch character everyone loves to hate, is set to receive a major rework in the coming weeks.

We’ve seen a countless stream of changes, nerfs, buffs and tweaks over the past few months for some of Overwatch‘s most played heroes, and with the addition of Moira — who is now firmly in the meta — and Brigitte, there’s been calls for even more aggressive changes to what the community believes are “OP” and one-tricked heroes.

Hanzo fits firmly in that category, and while some of the criticism and community angst towards the hero and his mains are probably overkill, there’s no doubting that the heroes lacks adaptability and viability in a three-tank meta, even with his ridiculous scatter arrow.

Thankfully, Blizzard is currently working on redefining the hero and how he fits into the Overwatch roster, and game director, Jeff Kaplan, has given us insight into what we can expect.

“We’ve done a lot of playtesting of his new rapid shot ability (that’s the working name),” Kaplan said. “We’re happy with that, the sonic arrow changes and the increase in speed of his arrows. It’s all feeling pretty good.”

According to Kaplan, Sonic arrow cooldown is significantly faster, while the radius and duration has been reduced and nerfed. Good news.

hanzo ultimate quote

“End result: you can move it around more,” Kaplan said.

We’ve even received a glimpse of new Hanzo concept art, showing off what the animation team is working towards for the hero once his rework is finally complete. Check it out below.

Unfortunately there’s no doubt yet on when these changes will be applied, but here’s hoping it’s sooner rather than later.

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