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Overwatch dance emotes will be locked to Anniversary event

With Overwatch‘s Anniversary celebrations currently live, a host of new skins, dance emotes and sprays have found their way into the game’s loot boxes. While the cost of skins has caused quite the furore among the community, the emotes have endured as perhaps the greatest aesthetic addition to the game since launch.

While these skins and emotes have absolutely no influence on the outcome of a match, they’re a fun and engaging way to utilise the characters in funny and social ways, and as such the dancing emotes have been particularly popular among the community.


Unfortunately, these dancing unlockables will only be available in Anniversary loot boxes and for purchase during the Anniversary event. While this is unsurprising, it’s disappointing considering the event has been touted as a “thank you” from Blizzard to the fans for the game’s success.

Blizzard has hinted at in the past that old events may return, with last year’s Summer games — and hopefully Lucio Ball — seemingly making a comeback. This could mean that the skins, emotes and sprays that came with those events will once again be made available, alongside new ones of the annual celebration.

We can probably assume that the Anniversary event will take place every year, so here’s hoping the dancing emotes you can’t get your hands on this year make their way back into the game come May 2018.

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