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Overwatch’s Lucio Ball could return very soon

Perhaps the most popular and loved Overwatch event mode could make a comeback in the coming months, if the latest datamining efforts are anything to go by.

With the Overwatch Anniversary Event in full swing — albeit with no new game modes to celebrate the occasion — fans are clamouring for any and all information related to Overwatch‘s event schedule.

Earlier this month, game director, Jeff Kaplan, said Blizzard was planning to bring older events back to the game with “some minor changes”.

The Overwatch community was intrigued by a Mei skin during the Uprising event, which saw the defence character donning a Summer Games-themed t-shirt.

This prompted fans to reach out to Kaplan and the team, and that’s when he confirmed there were plans to bring back old events in one form or another.

The popularity of the Summer Games event last year — namely the Lucioball mode — has many thinking and hoping that the event will return in weeks after the conclusion of the Anniversary Event, which finishes up on June 23.

All signs point to something related to Lucio at the very least, according to some data mined from the Overwatch game files (via Reddit).

Discovered first was this especially lively and celebratory intro.

Then these Brazilian Samba-themed loot box drops, which has heated up talk about the return of Lucio Ball.

It’s hard to ignore the obvious Brazilian theme on those files. They’ve been named as “Numbani”, but they seem to be far more samba-inspired than Numbani.

We know that the Summer Games will return in some way, and with them we could see the return of the very awesome Lucio Ball.

For the time being, however, we’ve got the Anniversary Event, as well as Season 5 about to start in the next few days.

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