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Overwatch season 4 meta: Winston rises, Ana falls

With Overwatch season 5 now starting and players clamouring to finish up their placement matches and boost up their SR, we can now take a look back at season 4’s meta to see the biggest rise and fall between the heroes.

The hero that saw the biggest increase in play time across all tiers is — unsurprisingly — Mercy, a must-pick for every match.

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Interestingly, Winston is becoming an increasingly popular pick, particularly in the Grandmaster tier, which saw a 17% boost over season 3.

There’s a fairly consistent theme across all tiers, according to data from Omnic Meta: Winston is now a concrete tank pick for every team, Mercy is the ideal healer, and the newest hero to join the ranks, Orisa, is quickly rising to the occasion.

Zenyatta and Genji round out the top five heroes that saw the largest gain in being picked across season 5.

So what about the heroes that the community turned its back on? This is where things get interesting, and some previously solid, concrete competitive picks are finding themselves falling down the popularity stakes.

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Across all tiers, sniping healer, Ana, fell almost 25% on season 3, far and away the biggest drop ahead of Bastion, who is on 15%. The top 5 biggest drops round out with Reinhardt, Roadhog and Mei, although she appears to be getting a boost this season, at least across placement matches.

Check out the full chart below.

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