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Destiny 2 won’t run at 60fps on PS4 Pro: ‘There’s not enough horsepower’

Destiny 2 will stay locked at the 30 fps benchmark its predecessor set, with developer, Bungie, confirming that the current range of consoles simply aren’t powerful enough to run its game at such a high standard.

While PC gamers will be able to look towards an uncapped framerate, Bungie has shot down hopes of Sony’s PS4 Pro being able to run Destiny 2 at 60 fps.

Speaking with IGNDestiny 2 leads Luke Smith and Mark Noseworthy spoke about how the game stacks up on the console.

“The console, the PS4 Pro is super powerful, but it couldn’t run our game at 60,” Smith said (via Digital Foundry). “Our game’s this rich physics simulation where collision of players, networking, etc, and like, it wouldn’t run… [there’s] not enough horsepower there.”

Noseworthy pointed out that while the PS4 Pro’s GPU is powerful, the problem sites “on the CPU side”.

“Destiny’s simulation,” Noseworthy explained, “like we have more AI, more monsters in an environment with physically simulated vehicles and characters and projectiles, and it’s part of the Destiny magic, like that, like 30 seconds of fun, like coming around a corner and throwing a grenade, popping a guy in the head, and then you add like five, six, seven other players in a public event; that is incredibly intensive for hardware.”

Hope for word about the game’s performance on Xbox Scorpio wasn’t serviced, although that’s to be expected considering Activision’s exclusivity deal with PlayStation.

Destiny 2 launches on Xbox One and PS4 on September 4. The PC release is currently TBC.

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