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Overwatch Uprising default mode unlocks more story dialogue with every win

If you’re a sucker for Overwatch‘s lore, then the latest Uprising event has some juicy story dialogue hidden within the mode.

The four-stack event, in which you and three friends battle waves of Omnic rebels across multiple objectives on the King’s Row map, has a default mode and an All Heroes mode.

overwatch insurrection

The former — Torbjorn-Reinhardt-Tracer-Mercy — offers some interesting insight into the background and relationships of the characters, with some friendly banter between the heroes throughout the event.

Both the default mode and All Heroes mode count towards your overall win totals, however it’s the default mode that offers up the most juice when it comes to Overwatch‘s lore.

Even if you choose the exact same team composition in All Heroes mode, you won’t unlock new dialogue. Only in the default mode is Uprising‘s story fully on show.

Lead writer, Michael Chu, says you want to play the default mode to get the most out of the story and dialogue.

“You might have noticed this, but in the default mode (Reinhardt/Mercy/Torbjorn/Tracer), more conversations are added to the random pool as you win more matches,” he said.

It’s not a massive deal, but the banter and story tidbits in the default mode add some depth to the event and experience. It just doesn’t have the same feel when playing in All Heroes mode.

overwatch insurrection

It’s also great that Blizzard has gone down this path, offering some story and lore depth, without forcing the player to go down that path: you can either choose to stick to the default mode, or play the same event separately, without the benefit of digging through the story.

What are your thoughts on Overwatch: Uprising so far? Sound off in the comments below!

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