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Overwatch PS4 troll attempts to extort money from teammates, raising questions about Blizzard’s report system

While we certainly didn’t need further proof that there’s a fairly significant divide between the PC and console versions of Overwatch, this latest revelation is a rather stunning insight into just how bad console players have it compared to their Master Race counterparts.

A week back, I reported on a new report system coming to Overwatch‘s PTR, which would allow players to report teammates for a slew of different reasons, including but not limited to poor teamwork and griefing.

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Blizzard hopes that the new system will improve the efficiency of the reporting system, and strengthen the community.

The only problem is that console players have no clear access to a report system, and can often find themselves being given the runaround by both Blizzard and the console’s manufacturer, be it Microsoft or Sony.

Such an issue has initiated a heated debate on the Overwatch forums, of which Blizzard is yet to respond to.

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User Emaias described how a player entered his team’s PS4 lobby, and demanded other players pay him $5 or he’ll throw the match.

At first, no one took him seriously. Within a matter of seconds, however, it was clear that the player was intent on extorting his teammates.

“He literally would run into the fights, but would just feed the enemy team. What is worse, was he insta-locked Ana as well. Obviously nobody was going to pay this guy, and we ended up getting destroyed,” Emaias explained.

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As shocking as the act is in and off itself, the response from both Blizzard and Sony raises serious questions about the viability and competitive nature of Overwatch on console, particularly with the Overwatch League and World Cup on the horizon.

“I immediately called Blizzard customer support, but after talking to three different people and a supervisor I was told that there is nothing Blizzard can do about console griefers and I had to take it up with Sony.

“So I called Sony, and after another 45 mins, I got nothing. Honestly though, why would I? Sony doesn’t care what happens in a Blizzard game, they aren’t going to ban entire accounts which costs them money. They would only do that if their own services were disrupted.”

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What’s particularly interesting about this situation is that, despite there being no report system on console due to the complicated nature of the Xbox Live and PSN networks, throwing matches and griefing is a bannable offense, regardless of the platform.

There are roadblocks, however, and Blizzard doesn’t have as easy access to the Xbox and PS4 versions of its games as it does to the PC versions.

Not only is it blatantly against the TOS for Blizzard games, it’s also clearly in violation of the PSN TOS.

Blizzard has responded in the past regarding a report system on console, admitting it was coming but that there was no ETA.

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