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Overwatch will soon let you report players for ‘poor teamwork’

Blizzard is continuously looking for ways to improve Overwatch, and it uses the Public Test Realm (PTR) to test things out before pushing out changes and upgrades to the public servers.

The studio has been vocal in its hope for a more welcoming online experience, and recent changes applied to the PTR could very well push us towards that.

A new report system has been introduced, which Blizzard hopes will limit “toxicity” and stop people from false reporting.


Let’s take a look at each new report category.

Poor Teamwork

This is defined as “not trying to complete map objectives or constantly communicating in a negative fashion”, including calling teammates “horrible”.

Blizzard says that “Poor Teamwork” is not choosing a hero that isn’t optical for the team, or not talking in team chat.


Cheating is defined as “using third-party programs to automate any facet of the game, exploiting a bug, or engaging in any activity that grants an unfair advantage”.

It is not players that are playing well.

Bad Battletag

Any player name, team name or Battletag that is “inappropriate, obscene or offensive”.

Blizzard makes it clear that a name that is a language different than your own does not justify a report.


This is “overly repetitive communication that disrupts the use of normal communication channels, or advertisement of third party services or websites.


This is fairly self-explanatory: players that aren’t actively involved in a game.


This is “actively harassing or disrupting your team through the use of the game’s mechanics or player actions. This includes placing a Symmetra teleporter on a cliff’s edge, or allowing yourself to be eliminated by the enemy team.”

Abusive Chat

Any hateful, disruptive, inappropriate, obscene, offensive communication directed at other players.

What do you think? Do think these measures will improve the function? Sound off in the comments below!

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