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From Overwatch to Pokemon Go: The Christmas gaming events you can’t miss

It wouldn’t be Christmas without some festive-themed gaming events.

While not quite on the traditional scale of family viewing as Home AloneNational Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation and Die Hard (yes it’s a Christmas movie. Fight me!), Christmas gaming events have become a fairly important and fun element of the Holiday season.

Unfortunately, gaming doesn’t seem to have its Die Hard equivalent: there doesn’t appear to be one game that is universally regarded as the game to play around Christmas time.

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Now I’m sure that varies from person to person, and there’s no doubt that people have one game they go back to over this period purely for nostalgic reasons.

But as far as games with a Christmas backdrop and/or setting go, we’re limited to timed gaming events as opposed to one specific game that we can all admit is, in some regard, a “Christmas” title.

Thankfully, there’s still plenty of festive cheer going on in the gaming scene at this time of year, and with every new Holiday season it appears as though more and more developers are getting involved, which is great!

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So which Christmas gaming events should you jump into this year? Let’s take a look!


GTA Online

GTA Online will once again be getting a festive makeover, with Rockstar having led the way for Christmas-themed shenanigans in the insanely-popular open-world multiplayer game.

Last year’s event added new masks and clothes, along with a hoard of additional seasonal updates.

There were the standard bad Santa and Christmas costumes, as well as some masks and other Christmas-themed accessories and clothes to buy.


This year’s GTA Online event is expected to be similar, with festive pyjamas and even Christmas-themed ammo and sticky bombs reportedly on the way.

There’s also a fireworks launcher planned for New Year celebrations.

Snow and Christmas trees will add a little more of an aesthetic charm to Los Santos, with Rockstar typically switching it on and off at random. Once it’s on, players can engage in ruthless snowball battles.



Destiny‘s The Dawning event is essentially the return of the Sparrow Racing League, adding in two new tracks in Mercury and Felwinter Peak, along with the tracks included in last year’s events.

Players will also get access to new armor for their Guardians, as well as new racing gear to be earned.

Three new Strikes are being added for PvE players, including the Nexus, which adds new enemies and gameplay mechanics.

Gift boxes promise to offer up some exciting treasures and treats for playing during the event, while the Strike scoring system will add new medals for different achievements and bounties.


New Exotics, Gear and Ornaments are also being added, and fans can expect the return of fan-favourite from Year 1, the Icebreaker, as part of the update.

New versions in both void and solar variations of the Thunderlord will also be up for grabs, as will some new Ornaments.

There’s also a stack of gameplay tweaks and aesthetic additions that are sure to make Destiny one of the must-play titles over the Holiday break.


World Of Warcraft

World of Warcraft celebrates Christmas on a yearly basis with the Winter Veil event.

It generally spans two and a half weeks, leading into the end of December, and ending just before New Year’s Eve.

Players can always look forward to an event that is rich in festivities and celebrations, with a spectacular opening-of-the-presents event held on December 25 in Ironforge and Orgrimmar under the Christmas Trees.


Those two locations are actually where a majority of the Winter Veil event takes place, with some activities also happening around the Alterac Mountains area, as well as the capital cities.

Many different gifts, tools and resources are up for grabs: anything from achievements, to many a vanity item, to pets can be rewarded as Christmas gifts.

Christmas really is a great time to be in Azeroth.

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