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Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite developer explains why there are no assists

Capcom developer Ryota Niitsuma may have dismissed Marvel vs. Capcom 4, but he didn’t say anything about Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite.

That’s the title of the latest entry in the famed fighting series, which was revealed during yesterday’s PlayStation Experience. We also now have our first look at gameplay, as well as some interesting details about the game’s features, namely its assists system (or lack thereof).


Speaking during a stream at PSX (from around 1:28:00), the game’s developers talked extensively about the transition away from the 3v3 fighting system towards a 2v2 one. Explaining its reasoning, Capcom said it felt as though the assist selection didn’t do each character justice, and that no one character really thrived in the assist role.

Specifically, the Infinity Stones are far more strategic than the third character has been in any other entry, according to the developers.



The latest trailer lifts the lid on the game’s Infinity Stones, which are of course the gems from the Marvel universe that grant users God-like powers.

In the trailer we see Captain Marvel use the time stone to dodge attacks, while Ryu uses the power stone for some extra grunt with his punches.


Capcom’s direction is clear, obviously looking to incorporate the not-so-frenzied action of Street Fighter, while ditching the chaotic action that has always defined the Marvel vs. Capcom series of games.

The introduction of the Stones make for an interesting new strategic approach to the experience. If the focus really is to enhance the emphasis of each individual character’s skillset, then the Stones could act as compensation to counter an opponent’s perceived advantage in a certain area.

In that instance, it’s easy to see how they compliment the removal of assists.


Interestingly, the developer explained that the term “Infinite” refers to the sheer amount of variety and diversity that players can experience by mixing and matching teams with Stones. It’ll make it easier for fans that “might not be fighting game experts”.

However, the development team have no intention of sacrificing the game’s fundamentals and “hardcore” nature for the sake of making it more accessible.

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