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Oblivion finally gets added to Xbox One backwards compatibility

It was one of the most requested games by Xbox fans, but now The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion has finally come to Xbox One backwards compatibility.

While Skyrim got both the BC and remastered treatment for the console — making it incredibly difficult to ignore the upgraded version with mod support and improved visuals — Oblivion comes to Xbox One as its ol’ classic self.

Even better is that you can load up your old game saves — pending you saved them to the cloud on Xbox 360 — and continue from where you left off. In my case, I played well over 100 hours, but haven’t touched the game since probably 2008. I will need to put my save on the cloud to get it over to Xbox One, but it’ll definitely be worth the effort.

Getting it onto the console is fairly simple: grab your disc, insert it into the Xbox One like you know what’s up, and let it install.

You might be wondering why anyone would bother returning to Oblivion what with Skyrim hitting the scene (again) and Fallout 4 out in the wild, now with mod support on PS4. But hold your horses, pal: Oblivion is a fantastic game that has aged somewhat but is still HUGE and is just all-round spectacular.

It’s a shame that it never got the remastered treatment like Skyrim did, but nonetheless, this bad boy is out on Xbox One BC, so go play it.

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