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EA hints at ‘one of its bigger games’ coming to Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is generating plenty of hype and chatter leading into its March 2017 release. Recent murmurs point to a lower-than-expected launch price, which could see the console hit the market with an appealing entry point.

Another big question is related to the software and what sort of games will be available on the Switch when it hits store shelves in four months time. We know there will be a nice lineup of first party games, even if we don’t know what those are yet.

The discouraging thing is that the games shown in the trailer may not ever come to Switch, as Nintendo was merely using them as a means to showcase the console’s functionality and capabilities.

However, as was the case with the Wii U, third-party publishers may be keen to jump on the Nintendo bandwagon at launch to test the waters.

Speaking at the UBS Global Technology Conference (via Dual Shockers), Electronic Arts COO, Blake Jorgensen, hinted that the publisher behind FIFATitanfallBattlefield and the upcoming Mass Effect Andromeda will be bringing at least one of its big franchises to the table.

“In terms of Nintendo, in their announcement they announced that we’ll be supporting with a game or two on that new platform. We haven’t yet announced what game, but you should assume that it’s one of our bigger games we’ve been involved with,” he said.

EA does remain skeptical, however, and the publisher probably isn’t alone: the Wii U and Gamecube struggled to be relevant selling points for third-party publishers, while the Wii produced too much shovelware and casual games to justify bringing big-budget AAA to the console.

“We’re excited for Nintendo, it’s an interesting device, but I can’t yet predict how broad it’s going to be, and will people be interested in a portable device alongside their regular portable device that they have,” Jorgensen hypothesised.

It’ll once again be interesting to see how — if — Nintendo can get third-party publishers on board for the long run.

Master Fenix

Wednesday 16th of November 2016


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