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DICE is fixing Battlefield 1’s awful Suez map, among other big changes

The post-launch vision for the year’s best shooter has been revealed by Battlefield 1 developer, DICE. And one of its primary focuses will be that of the Suez desert map, which has been the focus of much gamer ire since the game’s launch.

DICE is hoping to make a “more balanced” Conquest experience on the map, and has hinted at a change to the map’s design, saying it hoped to make “the map size more fitting”.

Suez current has three flags in Conquest, with much of the action centred around the B and C flags. This essentially turns the match into a game of Domination, and the map’s compact flag placement is at odds with Conquest’s large-scale philosophy. Thankfully, two more flags will be added to stretch things out.

Further, the A and C control points will have their capture radius reduced to allow for “more dynamic matches”. There will also be an additional armored vehicle added to each side.

Moving on, a “hardcore” server list is in the works, and is being aimed at “elite” players. DICE hasn’t said when this will arrive, but it seems in line with Overwatch‘s Competitive Play, which encourages a more team-centric play style, and dictates a higher skill level.

We don’t quite know what the hardcore servers will offer in the way of changed gameplay, but there are calls within the community to either restrict or remove the radar, and either slow down or remove health regeneration.

On top of all of this, beginning November 16 and lasting for 7 days is “Battlefest”, which will offer players a special Battlepack to unlock, among other festivities and events.

More custom games will join the fold with Battlefest, namely Fog Of War, which is tipped to be a team deathmatch mode set in heavy fog as a means to limit visibility.

This is planned as part of a “major” update coming to Battlefield 1 later this month. As expected, the studio will continue to tweak and balance maps and weapons, and there’s also the rent-a-server program still to come.

What changes would you like to see made to Battlefield 1? Sound off in the comments below!

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