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Battlefield 1 classes guide: Tips on how to best utilise every class

Before you jump into Battlefield 1‘s chaotic multiplayer, be sure to prepare yourself by understanding the basics and finding the right class that suits your play style. This is a multiplayer experience that is entirely reliant upon each player’s ability to play to their strengths and help out their team, and you don’t want to be that player that ultimately makes it harder for a team to claim victory.

There are four primary classes in Battlefield 1, along with Vehicle and Special classes. In this guide we’ll take you through every class, and detail the weapons available, tips on how to play that class, and how to best service your team playing a specific way.

Classes in Battlefield 1 act as more than merely just different means to hoist varied weaponry: each class has a specific goal and mission in a match. That’s why it’s imperative that you understand the fundamentals of each class, and player to each’s strengths. Also acknowledging your own skillset will set you up for a successful Battlefield 1 career and experience.

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Assault Class Tips And Best Loadout

Battlefield 1‘s Assault class really mixes things up compared to the class’s appearance in other Battlefield entries. The focus for Assault-class players is to be aggressive in attack and defense. In past Battlefield games, the Assault class had the capacity to heal and revive. However, that has been shifted over to the Medic class, and the Assault class now has the task of taking care of large armoured vehicles, as well as absolutely annihilating the enemy as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The first thought of many players, particularly first-time players, is that the Assault class is the easier class to play because it’s the default. That couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, all classes in Battlefield 1 have been designed in such a way as to be of a specific purpose to a team. That means that if you choose a class and don’t utilise the tools available to it, you’re doing your team a huge disservice. In the case of the Assault class, not only is it important that you lead in the frontline, have good control and knowledge of the weaponry, and have a quick trigger-finger, you’re also responsible for taking out tanks and the like.

Vehicles play an important role in Battlefield 1, and they can really turn a match on its head if either team isn’t doing what is necessary to either attack with them or neutralise them. With the Assault class, it’s up to them to take them out as quickly as possible.

Assault Class Weapons

  • Automatico M1918 Factory
  • Automatico M1918 Trench
  • Automatico M1918 Light Infantry
  • Model 10-A Heavy
  • Model 10-A Factory
  • Model 10-A Hunter
  • Model 10-A Slug
  • MP 18 Trench
  • MP 18 Experimental
  • MP 18 Optical
  • M97 Trench Gun Backbored
  • M97 Trench Gun Hunter
  • M97 Trench Gun Sweeper
  • 12g Automatic Backbored
  • 12g Automatic Extended
  • 12g Automatic Hunter
  • Hellriegel 1915 Factor

Assault Class Sidearms

  • M1911
  • 1903 Hammerless
  • Gasser M170
  • Howdah Pistol
  • Mle 1903
  • P08 Pistol
  • C93
  • Kolibri
  • No.3 Revolver

Assault Class Gadgets

  • Anti-Tank Grenade
  • AT Mine
  • Dynamite
  • AT Rocket Gun

Ideal Loadout

Your choice of assault weapon is really going to depend on your style. Heavy weaponry is good for providing covering fire for Medics and Support players, who may need to rush towards objectives to heal and resupply teammates. Trench-based weaponry is ideal for close-quarter combat, best used for capturing and defending objectives.

As for gadgets, the Dynamite is a must, particularly on maps and in modes with an armoured train. Place the dynamite on the track and cause some significant damage. The same can be said for the AT Mine. Use either to cause significant damage and blow the tracks off a tank. The Anti-Tank Grenade is useful for finishing a tank and armoured vehicle off, so use it only in combination with well-placed dynamite.

Basic Tips

  1. The Assault class isn’t quite as run-and-gun as it seems. In fact, it’s perfect for close-quarter combat in buildings and around objectives.
  2. Be sure to keep your back to buildings, and always work next to a Medic and/or Support player. Lead from the front, but keep low.
  3. Take cover often and don’t break out from it just to get involved in a fire fight. Your weaponry normally isn’t ideal at long-range, so if you’re stuck behind cover, call in for support from your squad. You should have a Scout squadmate to provide squatting cover.


Medic Class Tips And Best Loadout

The Medic class is so important to your team. This really can’t be stressed enough. This is a class designed specifically to heal and patch up friendly teammates. They also have the capacity to resurrect fallen teammates. Medics should be protected at every cost, and provided with plenty of covering fire in order to heal wounded teammates. If you’re playing as a Medic, it’s important that you do more than just heal yourself: make sure you keep an eye out for the skull above fallen teammates, and use the Medical Syringe to bring them back from the dead. Watch out for the bandage cue as well, to temporarily heal teams with minor wounds.

Unfortunately, all too often the Medic is avoided by squads, who stack up on Scout and Assault classes. It can’t be stressed enough how important it is that someone is a Medic on your squad.

Medic Class Weapons

  • Cei-Rigotti Factory
  • Cei-Rigotti Artillery
  • Cei-Rigotti Optical
  • Cei-Rigotti Trench
  • Selbstlader M1916 Sharpshooter
  • Selbstlader M1916 Artillery
  • Selbstlader M1916 Factory
  • Selbstlader M1916 Optical
  • M1907 SL Automatic
  • M1907 SL Factory
  • M1907 SL Trench
  • M1907 SL Sweeper
  • Mondragon Artillery
  • Mondragon Marksman
  • Mondragon Storm
  • Mondragon Optical
  • Mondragon Sniper
  • Autoloading 8 .35 Factory
  • Autoloading 8 .35 Extended

Medic Class Sidearms

  • M1911
  • Auto Revolver
  • C96
  • Mle 1903
  • P08 Pistol
  • Taschenpistole M1914
  • C93
  • Kolibri
  • No.3 Revolver

Medic Class Gadgets

  • Bandage Pouch
  • Medical Crate
  • Rifle Grenade Fragmentation
  • Rifle Grenade Smoke
  • Rifle Grenade HE
  • Medical Syringe

Ideal Loadout

The M1907 SL Sweeper has good range, a solid rate of fire and causes solid damage. Recoil is low as well and can be useful at a distance. As a Medic, it’s ideal that you use the Bandage Pouch, Medical Crate and Medical Syringe as your primary gadgets. However, you can swap one of these out, probably the bandage pouch, for one of the Rifle grenades.

Basic Tips

  1. Ensure you stick with a squad and don’t go out on your own.
  2. Try not to get too involved in heavy fire, and instead keep an eye on squadmates and ensure they’re at full health.
  3. When attempting to resurrect a downed teammate, be sure to ask your squad to squat you while you move out into open space. Don’t rush into a line of sight without someone having your back. It’s better that you let them respawn rather than you die and leave your squad without a Medic.



Support Class Tips And Best Loadout

The Support class has a primary function to resupply teammates with ammunition, as well as provide covering fire. This is a class with a nice variety of light machine guns available, which are particularly useful when providing covering fire from a distance, as they spray bullets at a high rate. This can distract enemies while your teammates rush an objective. This is actually a fantastic class if you’d rather cover points from a vantage and defend objectives rather than rush them. It’s far less offensive than the Assault class, and doesn’t need to be quite as involved in the heat of the action as the Medic class. This makes it a useful class for newcomers who may prefer to learn the fundamentals from a distance.

Support Weapons

  • Lewis Gun Low Weight
  • Lewis Gun Suppressive
  • Lewis Gun Artillery
  • Lewis Gun Optical
  • M1909 Benét-Mercié Light Infantry
  • M1909 Benét-Mercié Gunner
  • M1909 Benét-Mercié Storm
  • M1909 Benét-Mercié Telescopic
  • Madsen MG Trench
  • Madsen MG Low Weight
  • Madsen MG Storm
  • Madsen MG Light Infantry
  • Bar M1918 Trench
  • Bar M1918 Storm
  • Bar M1918 Telescopic
  • MG15 n.A. Suppressive
  • MG15 n.A. Light Infantry
  • MG15 n.A. Low Weight
  • MG15 n.A. Storm
  • Huot Automatic Low Weight

Support Class Sidearms

  • M1911
  • Bulldog Revolver
  • Mle 1903
  • Modello 1915
  • P08 Pistol
  • Repetierpistole M1912
  • C93
  • Kolibri
  • No.3 Revolver

Support Gadgets

  • Tripwire Bomb – HE
  • Tripwire Bomb – Gas
  • Tripwire Bomb – Incendiary
  • Ammo Crate
  • Ammo Pack

Ideal Loadout

The M1909 offers fantastic range, high damage and superb accuracy as a sub-machine gun. Use one of these on offer. A combination of trip wires around objectives, particularly while defending, and supply gadgets will ensure you best support your team when needed.

Basic Tips

  1. Keep a good distance from your team at key moments when rushing an objective, and then move in to resupply with ammo.
  2. Be sure to keep low during heated fire and stay involved to keep your teammates stocked.
  3. Provide covering fire whenever teammates are attempting to capture an objective or rush an objective.


Scout Class Tips And Best Loadout

The Scout class is, as one might expect, a sniper class. This means you’ll be watching out for enemies from a distance, marking them for your teammates and taking them out wherever necessary. You’ll need to find a good vantage point that covers a wide area, ideally an area that covers a recently captured point, or a point being captured by friendlies.

Scout Class Weapons

  • SMLE MKIII Sharshooter
  • Gewehr 98 Marksman
  • Gewehr 98 Sharpshooter
  • Gewehr 98 Infantry
  • Gewehr 98 Carbine
  • Gewehr M. 95 Carbine
  • Gewehr M. 95 Marksman
  • Russian 1895 Infantry
  • Russian 1895 Trench
  • Russian 1895 Sniper
  • SMLE MKIII Infantry
  • SMLE MKIII Carbine
  • M1903 Experimental
  • M1903 Marksman
  • M1903 Sniper
  • Martini-Henry Infantry

Scout Class Sidearms

  • M1911
  • Bodeo 1889
  • Frommer Stop
  • Mars Automatic
  • Mle 1903
  • P08 PistolC93
  • Kolibri
  • No.3 Revolver

Scout Gadgets

  • Flare Gun – Spot
  • K Bullets
  • Flare Gun – Flash
  • Spotting Scope

Ideal Loadout

Choose a sniper rifle to your liking here. You want good range, accuracy, and a decent reload rate. From a gadget perspective, the Spotting Scope is an absolute necessity and should be purchased as soon as possible. It allows you to mark enemies for your teammates, which is a fantastic tool during a heated match.

Basic Tips

  1. Keep your distance from the battle and provide squatting cover for teammates.
  2. Purchase the Spotting Scope as quickly as possible.
  3. K Bullets should be used to provide enhanced killing efficiency.
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