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Super Mario Maker set for Nintendo 3DS release, won’t have online play

Nintendo has surprised many by announcing a 3DS version of what was the Wii U’s (and probably gaming’s) most creative game.

Super Mario Maker will come to Nintendo 3DS later this year, bringing the acclaimed game’s signature level-creation suite to on-the-go gamers.

Strangely, this version won’t feature online play or the ability to play Wii U courses. However, it will support StreetPass (no surprises there), as well as offer players the ability to share stages via local Wi-Fi.

Making up for the lack of online play is the ability to share incomplete stages with friends on a local network, opening the door for collaboration.

Super Mario Maker will hits Nintendo 3DS on December 2, 2016, and is part of a big end of the year for Nintendo (by Nintendo standards) with Skyward Sword already out on Wii U, and a host of new Amiibo also set for release later this year.


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