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Overwatch Competitive Play Season 2 changes: Leaver penalties increased

After a mildly successful first season — which wasn’t without its issues — Blizzard has launched the second season of Overwatch‘s Competitive Play.

Along with a new map and a free weekend for console players, Competitive Play Season 2 brings with it a slew of new changes in an effort to improve upon the first Competitive Play season.

Skill Ratings

Player ratings will now be measured from 1 to 5000, which Blizzard hopes will provide players with more detail about skill fluctuations on a game-by-game basis. Skill rating decay will also occur, with players with a skill rating above 3000 needing to stay active in order to stay within that range.

Skill Tiers

Players will now fall into one of seven skill tiers.

Bronze: 1–1499

Silver: 1500–1999

Gold: 2000–2499

Platinum: 2500–2999

Diamond: 3000–3499

Master: 3500–3999

Grandmaster: 4000–5000

Grouping Restrictions

You won’t be able to group up with players if there is a skill difference of more than 1000 between players. The exception to the rule is Master and Grandmaster tiers, with the difference needed being less than 500.

Competitive Points

Players now receive 10 points for winning a match. Golden Weapons prices have been multiplied by 10, making them more rare. They now cost 3,000 Competitive Points as opposed to 300, as was the case in Season One.

Leave Penalties

Players who leave an in-progress match will be penalised for 10 minutes. This is on top of leaver penalties that were applied in Season 1.

What do you think of the changes? Sound off below!


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