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No Man’s Sky hype propels it to No.1 on Steam charts

No Man’s Sky is undoubtedly one of the generation’s most hyped games, if not one of the most hyped of all time. Its procedurally-generated universe promises to make for an experience with endless possibilities, and the sheer thought of the number of planets ready to explore is itself intimidating. Be sure to check out our rundown of No Man’s Sky basics before you jump in.

The game, developed by indie dev Hello Games, is set to hit PS4 and PC on August 9, but much to the studio’s dismay, it was leaked and made available to one gamer who paid in excess of $1500 US to play it early. He revealed a ton of information on Reddit, Twitch and YouTube, and as you’d expect, his final impressions didn’t seem to match the expectations much of the gaming community had bestowed upon the game. For my impressions on the whole scenario, check out this article.



Despite the somewhat negative reaction to the game’s length and multiple bugs and exploits, hype is still intense. In fact, the game is sitting atop Steam’s best sellers list, a week before it’s even released. That’s fairly impressive, you have to admit.

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