Quantum Break All Collectibles Location Guide Quantum Break All Collectibles Location Guide
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Chronon Sources7
Quantum Ripples1


There are many collectible scattered throughout this level.

Chronon Source 1

At the back of warehouse, located on a stack of wood.

quantum break collectibles guide

Collectible No.1

As Jack heads outside, a painting on the wall acts as the first collectible.

quantum break collectibles guide

Chronon Source 2

As Jack works his way through the warehouse, there is a room at the back with a hidden Chronon Source to the side of it.


Collectible No.2

Solve the puzzle to get into the communication room to find the second collectible.


Quantum Ripple 1 and Collectible No.3

A Quantum Ripple can also be found via the laptop


Chronon Source 3

After Jack beats down on the baddies, kick starts the generator and rides the elevator, search around for the Chronon Source located up against a steel pillar.


Intel 1

After you work up to the room with the hostage and take out the bad guys, look at the map on the table for the first bit of intel.


Collectible No.4

The laptop will land you the fourth collectible.


Chronon Source 4

This takes a bit of backtracking. After you get through the gate and have to try to find a way to open the door, climb on top of the train carriages, and move to the left of the giant warehouse. There is a Chronon Source next to the scaffolding.

act2-9 act2-8

Chronon Source 5

This one can also be a bit trick. You need to look for a secret room, which is adjacent to the control room where you opened the gate moments earlier.

act2-11 act2-10

Chronon Source 6

There’s a third chronon source in this area. You’ll need to find a way over into the fenced area. Not too difficult if you experiment enough.


Collectible No.5 & No.6

Once you finally find your way inside, you’ll come across collectibles 5 and 6.

act2-14 act2-13

Chronon Source 7

Next up is another chronon source. These come in handy for upgrades, so don’t pass them up!


Collectible No.7 & No.8

Once you work your way through the warehouse and its enemies and upstairs into an office, the seventh collectible is waiting for you. There’s also a radio here for the eighth collectible.



Chronon Sources7
Quantum Ripples1


Collectible 1

As you enter the warehouse you’ll notice a television set. This is your first collectible.


Collectible No.2

Take out all of the enemies then head down to the ground floor to find a laptop and the second collectible.


Chronon Source

Once you find your way to the top level stairs (you’ll need to rebuild the catwalk using time rewind), head down the stairs to find a hidden chronon source.


Chronon Source

As you walk back up, up some crates and along the vents, look for a hidden room compartment for another chronon source.

act3-6 act3-5

Chronon Source & Collectible No.3, No.4

As you head outside you’ll find another chronon source as well as the third and fourth collectible.act2-8 act2-7Collectible No.5 & No.6

Head inside the trailer to find the fifth and sixth collectibles.

act2-1 act2

Chronon Source

Once you leave the trailer you’ll head into a warehouse, where you’ll find a chronon source behind a big tank.


Collectible No.7

Once you’ve moved through the area, taken out all the bad guys, jumped over the crashed van and towards “Ground Zero”, you’ll see a sign that acts as the seventh collectible.


Quantum Ripple

As you move through the building and time switches between night and day, you’ll come across a Quantum Ripple next to an old football sign.


Collectible 8

Jack will run across the skybridge into a room, where he’ll find the eighth collectible.


Collectible No.9 & No 10 and Intel

Once Jack reaches the medical room and takes out the two Monarch operatives, look for the ninth collectible, and the tenth on a tablet.act2-20act2-22 act2-21

Chronon Source

Before you leave this area looking for a big wall with graffiti art. There you’ll find another chronon source.


Collectible 11

Head into the tents to find collectible 11 at a laptop.


Chronon Source

Once outside the tents, head to the left and use time vision to find the chronon source floating nearby.


Collectible 12

As you move forward you’ll find the twelfth collectible in a van.


Collectible 13

Back inside the tents you’ll find a tablet that houses the final collectible.act2-28

Chronon Source

The final collectible of this part is located behind some lockers.



Chronon Sources5
Quantum Ripples0


Chronon Source 1 & 2

After using Time Vision to bring the van into place and climb onto the ledge, look for the first Chronon Source on the side of the roof near some graffiti. There’s another one inside the attic on the shelf.



Collectibles 1-4

There are the first four collectibles all next to each other inside the first office room you enter.


Chronon Source No. 3

The third chronon source can be found to the opposite of the ventilation system above a central table.


Chronon Source No.4

After you watch the recording on the TV and break through the door, and before you go into the labratory, follow the red cables on the follow to the female bathroom to find another chronon source.3-2-5

Collectibles 5-11

Seven collectibles can be found scattered throughout the laboratory.

3-2-11 3-2-10 3-2-8 3-2-7 3-2-6

Chronon Source No.5

The fifth chronon source can also be found in this area.


Junction 2

Chronon Sources0
Quantum Ripples0


Collectible No.1

The one and only collectible here can be found in the corner on the laptop.


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