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Starfield First Contact Quest Walkthrough

Embarking on the First Contact mission in Starfield offers an intriguing opportunity to navigate the complex dynamics between two groups: a spaceship crew and a corporation-run resort. This quest is rich with choices and outcomes, so our guide is here to illuminate the path you might take.

starfield first contact mission

Commencing the First Contact Mission

Your journey begins in the orbit of Porrima II within the Porrima system. As you arrive, a distress call from the planet’s surface reaches your ears, while an unidentified spaceship extends an invitation for docking. Once aboard, you’ll meet Captain Diana and the lost colonists.

These colonists, who fled Earth centuries ago due to technical issues, have remained oblivious to the galaxy’s developments. Their attempt to reclaim Porrima II, now owned by a corporate entity planning a resort, forms the crux of your mission.

starfield first contact mission

Oliver’s Proposition

Upon landing on Porrima II, your destination is the Paradiso building, where you’ll converse with the CEO, Oliver. He presents three options, each with its own implications:

  • Option 1: Offer the colonists indentured servitude.
  • Option 2: Procure a new grav drive for them.
  • Option 3: Destroy the reactor.

Settlement Option

Initially, the settlement option may seem straightforward, but it involves resource gathering. You’ll need to collect 10 lithium, 80 iron, 20 sealant, and 40 fiber, which can be time-consuming if you haven’t been actively gathering materials.

starfield first contact mission

Grav Drive Option

Choosing to purchase a grav drive is another path. Visit a nearby shop and engage in a Persuasion minigame with an NPC named Bennu to lower the price from 40,000 to 25,000 credits. If you need help with credits, consult our moneymaking guide. Supplying the grav drive prompts the colonists to leave in search of a new home.

Reactor Option

The most drastic choice involves destroying the ship’s reactor. Here’s a summary:

  1. Sneak behind the chief engineer to pickpocket his key.
  2. Access the three terminals in the engineering bay.
    • First terminal: Turbopump – Port.
    • Second terminal: Plasma Run-off Inhibiter – Adjust to 5% power.
    • Third terminal: Magnetic Flange Pipe Enclosures – Decouple.
  3. Head to the bridge and interact with the control system.
  4. Successfully hack the device using the lockpicking mechanic.
  5. Choose “Emergency Reactor Overdrive” and confirm the request.

Executing this plan makes the ship’s crew hostile. Escape to your own ship in the docking bay, and an explosion will eliminate Diana and the colonists.

starfield first contact mission

Concluding the First Contact Quest

With these insights, you are equipped to tackle the First Contact quest in Starfield. The choices are yours, and the outcomes await your decision. Enjoy your just rewards, Commander.

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