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How to get the Accelerator Perk in NBA 2K24

Looking to master the elusive Accelerator Takeover Perk in NBA 2K24? Dive into the strategies to secure the ultimate Takeover Perk in the game.

In the immersive realm of NBA 2K24’s MyCAREER, players are presented with a tantalizing array of ten Takeover Perks that can single-handedly reshape the outcome of a match. Among these, the Accelerator stands out as the most challenging to attain, as it empowers your Takeover meters to fill at an accelerated pace when you excel on the hardwood, granting you swifter access to Takeover mode.

Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to unlock the coveted Accelerator Takeover Perk in NBA 2K24.

nba 2k24 how to get the accelerator perk

How to unlock the Accelerator Perk in NBA 2K24

To embark on the journey towards obtaining the Accelerator Takeover Perk, you must first conquer the trials associated with all nine other Takeover Perks in the game. As you navigate your way through MyCAREER, a series of quests will unfold, leading you towards the acquisition of these nine initial Takeover Perks in NBA 2K24.

The Mamba Mentality Quest, a pivotal milestone in your quest for Takeover supremacy, serves as the gateway to the Decelerator, Minimizer, and Suppressor Takeover Perks. Subsequently, the remaining Takeover Perk Quests will task you with demonstrating your basketball prowess on the court. Seek out individuals such as Cade Cunningham, Red Thompson, Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, Chris Brickley, Josh Giddey, and Chris Matthews to receive distinct objectives for each quest, marking your progression towards Takeover mastery.

When it comes to expediently unlocking the Accelerator Perk in NBA 2K24, your prime opportunity lies in challenging the AI juggernaut known as Disco at Sunset Park. Against Disco and his AI cohorts, you’ll find that many of the requisite objectives can be efficiently fulfilled. Disco, with his penchant for low shots and minimal three-point attempts, is a prime target for completing your objectives.

Here’s a quick recap of all the Takeover Perks that must be unlocked to gain access to the elusive Accelerator Takeover Perk in NBA 2K24:

  1. Decelerator: Slows down your opponents’ Takeover meter when closely guarding them.
  2. Minimizer: Shortens the duration of your opponent’s activated Takeover when guarding them closely.
  3. Suppressor: Reduces the attribute boosts received by opponents with active Takeovers when you’re guarding them.
  4. Saboteur: Increases the penalty to the Takeover meter of a guarded opponent when they commit turnovers or miss shots.
  5. Second Chance: Mistakes won’t entirely reset your Takeover meter when it’s full but not yet activated.
  6. Sponge: Receive a minor Takeover boost when a teammate’s actions contribute to their Takeover meter.
  7. Extender: Prolongs the duration of your active Takeover.
  8. Juice: Amplifies your attributes when activating Takeover.
  9. Stay Warm: Prevents your Takeover meter from depleting rapidly when your performance falters.

With these invaluable Takeover Perks at your disposal, you’ll be poised to unlock the elusive Accelerator Takeover Perk and elevate your NBA 2K24 gaming experience to new heights.

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