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Overwatch 2 Ramattra Abilities and Gameplay Guide

A variety of new content has been added to Overwatch 2’s most recent season for gamers to enjoy. A new map has been introduced to the game, a new hero has joined the cast, and the Battle Pass has been enhanced. Tank hero Ramattra has a strange past and a distinctive set of skills. The two forms that this robotic omnic can take each have advantages and disadvantages of their own. Ramattra excels at long-range combat in their Omnic Form, but in their Nemesis Form, they transform into a strong close-range fighter. Ramattra is certain to be a beneficial addition to any squad thanks to their blend of offensive and defensive skills.

Ramattra is a strong and determined hero who serves as the leader of the Null Sector Omnics, a group devoted to advancing omnic rights. They are a robotic omnic with the unusual ability to change between two forms, one for close-range battle and the other for long-range combat. To employ this new hero’s skills effectively, those who are keen to do so should be ready for a wide range of abilities that call for precise timing and positioning. Ramattra has something to offer gamers of different playstyles, whether they like to fight from a distance or up close and personal.

overwatch 2 ramattra abilities

Due to their capacity to change between two different forms, Blizzard has called Ramattra the first “Tempo Tank.” Ramattra is a master of long-range fighting in their Omnic Form, employing both their Void Barrier to shield their squad and their Void Accelerator weapon to do damage from any range. However, when they change into their Nemesis Form, they become a close-quarters combatant with their Pummel strike doing AoE damage and their Block ability reducing incoming damage. Ramattra always has access to their Ravenous Vortex ability, which can draw targets in the air to the ground while also damaging and slowing enemies in its vicinity.

Ramattra Abilities

In Omnic Form, Ramattra has access to a range of abilities that allow them to excel at long-range combat.

overwatch 2 ramattra abilities

Void Accelerator: The Void Accelerator, a staff that launches rapid-fire missiles with decent damage and no fall-off, is their main weapon. Because it may be used to poke adversaries at any range, the Void Accelerator is very helpful for eliminating far-off targets. While not quite as quick as Sojourn’s main weapon in Overwatch 2, the missiles are still a lot quicker than those of characters like Lucio or Genji. The Void Accelerator works much like the beam weaponry of heroes like Symettra or Zarya up close.

Void Barrier: Ramattra has access to both the Void Accelerator and the Void Barrier, a strong barrier with a brief duration and a lengthy cooldown. When compared to other tank barriers in the game, like Winston’s Projector or Sigma’s Experimental Barrier, this barrier is rather modest, therefore users must be careful when choosing when and where to use it. Players must be strategic in their usage of the Void Barrier because it is best employed to save oneself or a teammate rather than setting up a defensive posture.

overwatch 2 ramattra abilities

In Nemesis Form, Ramattra has access to a range of abilities that allow them to excel in close-range combat.

Nemesis Form: Their most important ability is Nemesis Form itself, which transforms them into their tougher, stronger Nemesis body for 8 seconds at a time, with an 8-second cooldown. As well as changing their primary and secondary abilities, this form also grants Ramattra 150 Armor, helping to keep them alive as they push into melee range.

Pummel: One of Ramattra’s primary abilities in Nemesis Form is Pummel, which allows them to throw energy-charged punches that extend up to 12 meters in front of them. These punches are capable of piercing both enemy heroes and their barriers, making them particularly effective against over-extended or close-range supports like Moira or Kiriko. Pummel is also useful for dealing with diving DPS heroes, as its wide attack makes it easier to target nimble enemies like Genji or Tracer.

Block: Ramattra has access to the Block ability in Nemesis Form, which enables them to raise their secondary arms and lessen incoming damage by 75%, in addition to Pummel. Although this is a strong defensive weapon, Ramattra is only protected from frontal harm and is slowed by 50% while it is in use. To make the most of this ability’s potential, players must be aware of its limits when employing it.

overwatch 2 ramattra abilities

Ravenous Vortex: The Ravenous Vortex is Ramattra’s special talent, which she uses in both of her forms. When activated, this ability creates a 4-meter radius that deals damage to nearby foes and slows them. It is launched like a grenade and activates upon impact with the ground. The Ravenous Vortex can also draw down opposing heroes from a height of up to 9 metres, which makes it a powerful tool for thwarting enemy positioning and attacks. The battle’s momentum will shift in the players’ favour if they can use this skill efficiently.

Ultimate: Ramattra’s Ultimate Ability transforms him into his Nemesis Form and tethers him to all nearby enemies, causing damage to all connected foes for the entire duration of the ability. While Annihilation has a relatively short duration on its own, the Ultimate timer will not decrease as long as Ramattra is still tethered to at least one enemy. These tethers can be broken if an enemy is no longer within line of sight or if a barrier is placed between them. This Ultimate Ability can be a powerful tool for taking out multiple enemies at once and can be especially effective in close-quarters situations.

Ramattra Tips

As a Tank Hero in Overwatch 2, Ramattra has a relatively low amount of hit points, which means that players need to be cautious when deciding when to engage in combat. While the Nemesis Form ability does provide an extra 150 armor, Ramattra can still be easily taken out with focused fire. To mitigate this weakness, it can be helpful to have a Support Hero with strong burst healing abilities “pocket” Ramattra, keeping him healthy during battles. Some good options for this strategy include Baptiste, Mercy, or Ana. With a Support providing healing support, Ramattra can take advantage of his powerful Pummel attack to punish enemy Supports and DPS Heroes who have over-extended themselves. Pummel has a slight area of effect and can penetrate both barriers and heroes, making it an effective tool for forcing back bunched-up groups and wounding enemy Supports even if their Tank is present.

overwatch 2 ramattra abilities

As a Tank hero in Overwatch 2, it is crucial to maintain control of the battlefield and protect your team rather than recklessly charging into combat. Ramattra has the unique ability to choose between two distinct playstyles thanks to his separate forms, which can give him an advantage over other Tank heroes. To be effective as a Tank, you should aim to position yourself in a way that keeps your Supports safe and enables your Damage heroes to do their job effectively.

Being able to switch between ranged and melee combat while engaged in a battle is one of the main advantages of playing as Ramattra. To weaken the opponent tank or to ambush enemies from behind, use your long-range skills. Nemesis Form can be used to advance and seize control of important regions of the map if your team is in a better position while also attempting to secure kills. Ramattra’s adaptability enables a number of strategies, and as a Tank, it is crucial to know when to push and when to hold back.

Ramattra Annihilation Ultimate tips

In Overwatch 2, your team’s ability to use Ramattra’s Ultimate “Annihilation” efficiently could make all the difference. Here are some suggestions for maximising this potent ability:

  1. Save it for the appropriate time: It’s crucial to employ Annihilation intelligently because of its lengthy cooldown. Look for opportunities to employ it when the opposing team is congregated or when you are outnumbered.
  2. Use it to initiate a team fight: Annihilation is a great way to start a team fight by stunning and damaging multiple enemies at once. Use it to initiate a fight or to turn the tide in your team’s favor.
  3. Protect yourself while using it: Annihilation leaves you vulnerable while it’s active, as you are unable to move or use any other abilities. Make sure to have your team cover you or use it when you have a Barrier or other protective ability available.
  4. Use it to disrupt the enemy team’s positioning: Annihilation can be used to disrupt the enemy team’s positioning, forcing them to scatter or reposition. This can create opportunities for your team to capitalize on.

Overall, Annihilation is a powerful and versatile ability that can be used in a variety of situations. By using it wisely and in coordination with your team, you can greatly increase your chances of victory.

Have any tips or tricks for Ramattra in Overwatch 2? Sound off in the comments below!

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