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What time will Warzone 2 be playable?

Call of Duty players have long been waiting for the release of Warzone 2, and the game’s release is now right around the corner. You can preload Warzone 2 right now on your Xbox to get you ready for release. But what time will Warzone 2 actually be released and playable, and how big is the download?

what time will warzone 2 be playable

Warzone 2 release time

Here’s when you can expect Warzone 2 to be released and playable in your region and country.

What time does Warzone 2 release in the US?

  • Los Angeles – November 16 at 10am
  • Chicago – November 16 at 12pm
  • New York – November 16 at 1pm

What time does Warzone 2 release in Australia?

  • Sydney / Melbourne – November 17 at 5am
  • Brisbane – November 17 at 4am
  • Adelaide – November 17 at 4:30am
  • Perth – November 17 at 2am

What times does Warzone 2 release in UK?

  • London – November 16 at 6pm

What times does Warzone 2 release in Europe?

  • CET (Berlin, Rome) – November 16 at 7pm

What time does Warzone 2 release in Asia?

  • Tokyo – November 17 at 3am
  • Seoul – November 17 at 3am

Warzone 2 download size

The download size for Warzone 2, including the base launcher for Modern Warfare 2, appears to come in at under 50GB. The Microsoft Store lists it at 110GB but that may be including all of Modern Warfare 2 including the base game, multiplayer and co-op.

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