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How to preload and download Warzone 2 on Xbox Series X/S

One of the most anticipated releases of the year in Warzone 2 is almost upon us, with Call of Duty players now readying their consoles and gaming PCs ahead of the game’s launch in the coming hours. You can download Warzone 2 ahead of launch. Here’s how to preload it on your Xbox Series X/S

how to preload warzone 2 on xbox

How to preload Warzone 2 on Xbox

So you want to download Warzone 2 ahead of launch in your region? Here’s how to preload Warzone 2 on your Xbox.

Firstly, head to the game store and simply search for Warzone 2. Remember, Warzone 2 is its own product, and while it uses the same launcher as Modern Warfare 2, you don’t actually need that game in order to play Warzone 2.

how to preload warzone 2 on xbox

That said, Modern Warfare 2 is included as part of Modern Warfare 2, so if you already have that game downloaded and installed, then you simply need to “get” Warzone 2 to ensure it’s pre-loading before being automatically downloaded for you from launch day.

If you already have Modern Warfare 2 and want to ensure it’s installed and ready to go, head to “My Games & Apps” on your console, hover over Modern Warfare 2, then click the Menu button on your controller. Navigate down to “Manage game and add-ons” and then click the Modern Warfare 2 tile on the next screen. From there you should see all of the game’s add-ons, including the Base Game, Campaign, Co-op, Multiplayer, and, if downloaded correctly, Warzone 2.

Have any issues preloading Warzone 2 on your Xbox? Sound off in the comments below!

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