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Overwatch 2 set for big DPS Passive change in Season 2

The DPS role passive in Overwatch 2 is set for some big changes leading into Season 2 next month.

The Overwatch 2 team is currently working hard to improve the experience for players ahead of next season, with murmurs of a massive Symmetra buff on the horizon, as well as some big Sombra and Genji nerfs also planned in the coming days.

We can now add an entire role to the changing Overwatch 2 landscape.

overwatch 2 dps passive

Role passives have already played a huge role in the meta. Tanks no longer give off as much ultimate charge, making them less “ult charge cushions”. Support heroes can slowly regenerate their health, while DPS heroes get a movement and reload boost shortly after death.

While the Overwatch 2 community has been broadly supportive to the role passives, there’s a lot of chatter around how the game is a little too DPS-focused. Thankfully, Blizzard seems intent on fixing how the role’s passive works ahead of Season 2.

overwatch 2 dps passive

Speaking on Twitter, Overwatch 2 lead hero designed, Alex Dawson, said players can expect fairly significant changes to the DPS hero passive in Season 2.

Yes, DPS Passive is at the top for changes in Season 2,” Dawson said in response to fan asking about the passive’s impact on flank heroes. “For reasons you bring up, but also sentiment that it is hard to aim with on certain Heroes.”

overwatch 2 dps passive

One such hero that appears to have benefited the most from role passives is Genji. He’s set for a massive nerf in the coming days, but the added speed boost and fast reloading made him especially tough to counter.

“We’d want to see how Heroes like Genji perform with the passive changes first, then evaluate from there. Open to readjusting though,” Dawson said.

overwatch 2 dps passive

It’s clear that Genji’s current place in the meta is having significant impact on how the game plays, and plans for the game ahead of Season 2. The November 15 update is definitely going to be an interesting one.

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