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Overwatch 2 Hero 36 leak points to Mauga

With Overwatch 2 Season 1 now firmly underway and players working their way through an ever-changing (and nerfed) meta, talk has already shifted towards Hero 36, and all signs so far point to Mauga.

Mauga has appeared in a number of comics and shorts across the life of Overwatch, and his character and demeanour has proven popular with the Overwatch faithful, pointing towards an Overwatch 2 release for the hero.

overwatch 2 hero 36

His connection to Bastiste, a support hero currently well-placed within the current Overwatch 2 meta, only further strengthens his credentials given Blizzard’s intent to strengthen the game’s lore and expanding in-game character relationships.

A prominent Overwatch leaker over on Reddit by the name OW2Leaks4u has hinted at Mauga now being a definitive new addition to the Overwatch 2 roster.

overwatch 2 hero 36

When asked if they had any insight as to the long-planned Season 2 hero for Overwatch 2, the posted eventually spelled out, “M A U G A”.

This probably shouldn’t come as a surprise considering Overwatch 2 game director, Aaron Keller, said in an interview with Overwatch League that Hero 36 would be “someone that players have seen before”. Debate raged within the Overwatch community after that but Mauga seems like the most likely suspect.

The addition of a new hero alongside the promised new maps would come at a good time, given how much conjecture there is within the community at the moment as to the amount of content (or lack thereof) in Overwatch 2 at launch.

overwatch 2 hero 36

A number of maps have been removed alongside the removal of 2CP, while more popular maps like Numbani were mysteriously removed completely. That came alongside the removal of both Bastion and Torbjorn due to technical glitches.

There appears to be a lot on the agenda at Blizzard for Overwatch 2. Here’s hoping for an improved outing in a few weeks time.

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