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Overwatch 2 set for much-needed Sombra nerf

The launch of Overwatch 2 and the shift to 5v5 has seen a number of unique hero combinations, and Sombra has firmly found her way into the meta in Season 1 as one of the most overpowered and oppressive Damage heroes in the game. The Blizzard team is aware of this, and appears set to nerf her in the coming weeks.

Speaking in a recent blog, Blizzard indicated that Sombra was hacking her way through battles with perhaps just a little too much ease.

overwatch 2 sombra nerf

“Sombra is hacking her way through the back lines”, Blizzard explained. The Overwatch 2 team adjusted her damage potential to “be optimal on targets that she hacks”, but they want to ensure that opponents still have a reasonable chance at fighting back.

“We’ll continue to look to balance her hack ability-lockout duration when we approach Season Two.”

overwatch 2 sombra nerf

Tank mains have also been rather vocal in how overly-effective and oppressive she can be in battle. Thankfully the Overwatch 2 is well aware.

“We’ve also heard feedback that tanks feel oppressed when a Sombra is focusing them with hacks, which will also be something we will look to control next season.”

overwatch 2 sombra nerf

With the shift to 5v5, a grander focus on DPS, and more reliance on the single tank in the game. Sombra has found her way into arguably her best position yet within the Overwatch meta. In my Overwatch 2 tier list for Season 1, Sombra sits 8th out of 17 DPS heroes, and 21st overall, placing her within the mid-range tier.

Her Ease Ranking has her on the “Difficult” end of the spectrum for new players given the reliance on effective hack distribution and EMP use, although she’s still a great pick to have fun with and cause a nuisance.

overwatch 2 sombra nerf

She’s definitely in need of a slight buff though: while she seems to be in a fairly good position overall compared to her place in the meta pre-launch, she’s far too effective vs tanks given the enhanced scrutiny that class faces now in the 5v5 structure.

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