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NBA 2K23 Steph Curry Build

NBA 2K23 is now upon us, and with is comes a brand new My Player creation suite. We’ve already taken a look at a Michael Jordan build, a LeBron James Build, and many others, and now it’s time to look at an NBA 2K23 Steph Curry build, which is arguably one of the best builds in the game.

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To start things off we need to identify what it is we’re trying to establish with this build. We know we want a Sharshooter, so Shooting and Playmaking are going to be key to our attribute point distribution.

From a body settings perspective, he’s how we want our player to look:

nba 2k23 steph curry build
  • Height: 6’2″
  • Weight: 185 lbs
  • Wingspan: 6’3″

These statistics ensure our player has enough pace and ball handling ability to get shots off the dribble and to create space.

Let’s take a look at our attribute points distribution.

nba 2k23 steph curry build

Speed, Acceleration and Stamina are absolute non-negotiables in this build, so we’ve started down the bottom. From there we’ve targeted Shooting and Playmaking, before moving into Defense/Rebounding to ensure there’s some potential there with Perimeter Defense and Steal.

Our Close Shot and Driving Layup attributes take a hit here but the focus is ball handling and shooting, which we’ve managed to get with solid point distribution across both areas.

With this spread we end up with these badges:

nba 2k23 steph curry build

A very solid distribution, with Finishing being the only one missing some high-tier badges. But we know now that we can build out a strong shooter, with potential and a relatively high ceiling across Defense/Rebounding and Playmaking.

For our finishing moves I’ve picked “Limitless Range” and “Pull-Up Precision”. And with that you’ll get a NBA 2K23 build with shades of Steph Curry.

nba 2k23 steph curry build

Have a better Steph Curry build? Sound off in the comments below!

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