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Xbox Series X could be getting a cheaper 500GB storage expansion

Xbox Series X and Series S owners looking to expand their console’s storage without breaking the bank could be in luck in the coming months, with reports surfacing that a new 500GB Seagate expansion card could be released soon.

The proprietary Xbox Series X 1TB SSD expansion card from Seagate was released alongside the Series X back in November, setting games back a staggering $359 AUD. Given the technological superiority of the expansion card, especially when it comes to utilising the full performance capabilities of the console, it was and still is the best option for extending the Series X’s storage capacity.

xbox series x storage

However, rumours are now surfacing that a new 500GB card could be on the way, unsurprisingly at roughly half the price of the original 1TB card.

The report comes by way of French publication Xbox Squad, detailing a listing for a 500GB SSD option from Seagate that appeared on wholesale retailer Innelec’s internal systems. The listing points to a sale price of 125 Euros, or $200 AUD, so a considerable saving but not quite a 50% drop in price to account for the smaller storage. In the US, however, it would equate to roughly half the price of the 1TB card.

xbox series x storage

Windows Central also reported on this, but has as yet not been able to verify the existence of the card.

The card would be a godsend for many Series X owners that aren’t prepared to drop a few hundred dollars on a first-party expansion card. While the original 1TB SSD does allow you to play games directly off it, many gamers are opting for other expansion storage before moving their games back and forth between it and the console. This is to ensure optimal performance, as the Series X can’t reach peak performance by running games on any storage other than its own internal capacity, or the Seagate option.

We’re still waiting on word back from Xbox directly as to whether the report is accurate: fingers crossed it is, because more variety and options on the storage market for Series X could only be a good thing!

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