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Quick Resume isn’t always available at a game’s launch on Xbox Series X, and here’s why

Quick Resume on Xbox Series X and Series S has proven to be one of the best console features of the past few generations. The ability to seamlessly jump from one game to another without having to reboot a game entirely makes for a smoother and far more enjoyable gaming experience.

However, the feature has gone through a few growing pains, despite having been mostly successful and issue-free since the Series X launch late last year.

xbox series s quick resume

One of the primary issues is that certain games either aren’t launching with Quick Resume, or it’s being removed after a game is patched. While not an issue in isolation, it likely represents a functionality issue that’s ultimately preventing the feature from being rolled out in full for certain titles.

As we see with Hades, for example, Quick Resume doesn’t always appear to be working as intended. If you utilise Quick Resume with Hades, it effectively disables your Achievements, prompting you to reboot your console and thus, the game, which kind of defeats the purpose of Quick Resume. If you’re experiencing that issue, here’s a guide on how to fix Hades achievements not unlocking.

xbox series s quick resume

Director of project management at Xbox, Jason Ronald, gave some insight into why Quick Resume wasn’t always available at launch for games, and it may just be because of what Hades players are currently experiencing.

“Recently games that have been patched for next generation, and games that have launched recently did not have quick resume functionality at launch but have got it shortly after,” a fan asked. “Is that intentional to test it before enabling quick resume?”

Ronald was quick to respond, confirming the fan’s belief as to the delayed rollout of Quick Resume for some games.

xbox series x ui resolution

“Yes. The team has been putting a lot of effort into hardening Quick Resume and we put some titles through extra validation to make sure the experience is as intended before enabling it,” Ronald explained. “Feeling good about the progress and you shouldn’t see a delay for new titles soon.”

My personal experience with Quick Resume has been fantastic: being able to quickly move between Forza, Halo Master Chief Collection and Overwatch, without needing to sit through the opening credits/cutscenes, makes changing my gaming up so much easier. The Hades issue is the first one I’ve come across, but it does appear to be more common with newer games coming out.


Wednesday 18th of August 2021

It's still broken for hades. haven't received a single achievement despite having rebooted my console and the game.

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