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How to fix Hades achievements not unlocking on Xbox Series X

Hades launch on Xbox Series X via Xbox Game Pass has introduced the award-winning dungeon crawler to a whole new generation of gamers, following the title’s successful launch on Nintendo Switch and PC. However, with its launch on Xbox has come an issue with Achievements not unlocking.

This is a game that is equally as rewarding as it is punishing, and so every single reward received helps fuel the competitive nature of the Hades experience. Imagine the frustration then for gamers on Xbox that weren’t being rewarded with their Achievements.

hades achievements not unlocking

Thankfully, there’s a way to fix Hades achievements not unlocking to ensure you get the rewards you deserve.

It’s understood that the reason Hades achievements aren’t unlocking has something to do with Quick Resume. This feature allows players to quickly boot up a game on Xbox Series X and resume from where they last stopped playing, regardless of how many other games they start since their last session.

hades achievements not unlocking

How to fix Hades achievements not unlocking

Fixing the issue where Hades achievements aren’t unlocking is, as you might imagine, fairly simple, and involves you simply turning off Quick Resume for the game.

The way to do that is to simply close down the game completely once you’ve finished. It’s also understood that Hades players on Xbox Series X and Xbox One noticed Achievements not unlocking if they returned to the home menu screen in the game at any point, which is certainly quite weird and also requires a full game reboot.

hades achievements not unlocking

To ensure you completely shut the game down and to initiate an unlocking of previously unlocked Achievements, give the below steps a try:

  1. Navigate to the Xbox UI
  2. Navigate to the Hades block, click the Menu button, and then select “Quit”. This will fully shut the game down.
  3. Navigate to your console “Settings”
  4. Navigate to “Power mode and start-up” and then “Full shut-down”
  5. Turn your console back on
  6. Boot up Hades. From here, all of your Achievements that you should have unlocked based on your progress should start appearing.

Hopefully that works for you! Sound off in the comments below if you’re still experiencing issues.

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