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FIFA 22 Beta: How To Get Early Access

As we enter into the second half of the year, and with the start of the Premier League season upon us this weekend, all eyes are now on the next iteration of FIFA 22. A closed beta is now live for a select few to try out the game ahead of its October release.

If you dare not wait to try out the latest version of EA Sports’ famed franchise, then you can jump into the FIFA 22 closed beta, but it’s going to take you a few steps (and handing over some personal details) before you get in. And even then, it’s not guaranteed, so please don’t take the below as gospel as it’s purely the luck of the draw.

fifa 22 beta

The FIFA 22 closed beta officially kicks off on August 11, long before the game’s anticipated October release, and so understandably there’s a lot of interest and intent in being able to get involved in this beta.

You can get access to the FIFA 22 closed beta — or at least increase your chances of getting access — by following the below steps.

fifa 22 beta

You’ll need to sign up or login in to your already established EA account to go into the draw for access.

  1. Sign in or register for an EA account.
  2. In your “email preferences”, check the box that says, “Yes, email me about EA’s products, new events and promotions consistent with the EA Privacy and Cookie Policy.”
  3. Ensure “Anything” is selected as the frequency for updates
  4. Click on “Add More” under the “Preferred Games” heading
  5. Select “FIFA” and then “Add”, and make sure “FIFA 22” is select
  6. Click “Update”

If you follow the above steps you should then keep an eye on your email inbox for a beta code for your desired platform.

The FIFA 22 beta runs through to September 2, so you have plenty of time to sign up and still get involved.


Sunday 15th of August 2021

I don't understand why they don't just do what Konami has done at this point and release a yearly update instead of a new game.

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