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Dying Light 2 on Xbox Series X gets 120Hz refresh rate support via VRR

Techland is holding nothing back when it comes to the development and performance of Dying Light 2 on Xbox Series X|S.

The cross-generation survival game has faced its fair share of challenges during development, which isn’t uncommon for games having to adjust to the many performance benchmarks that vary across different hardware.

dying light 2 vrr

Ideally, Techland is looking to truly optimise the performance of Dying Light 2 on Xbox Series X, with two performance options available to gamers to ensure they get the most out of their experience.

Quality Mode is a mode that prioritises visuals, enhancing the overall visual fidelity of the environment through ray-tracing.

dying light 2 vrr

Chatting with MP1st, lead lever designer on Dying Light 2, Piotr Pawlaczyk, says the use of ray-tracing significantly improves “the quality of the scene”.

“For players who prefer visual experiences, we have prepared the Quality Mode which, thanks to the use of ray tracing, has significantly improved the quality of the scene, with an emphasis on environment lighting,” Pawlaczyk said.

dying light 2 vrr

“In Quality Mode players will observe greater accuracy of e.g. volumetric effects and many other frame post-processing elements. The ray tracing itself is then the basis for generating, for example, physically correct shadows.”

Interestingly, Pawlaczyk detailed that, while Dying Light 2 won’t be offering a pure 120FPS performance benchmark, it will target an unlocked 60FPS through a variable refresh rate.

dying light 2 vrr

“For those who, as you, appreciate smooth gameplay, we have prepared the Performance Mode, which focuses on a high framerate (60FPS + optionally with VRR), making the experience of fast gameplay elements such as a course or combat even more smooth,” he explained.

Given only Xbox Series X|S and PC have VRR support, it appears as though the fully optimised version of Dying Light 2 is a Xbox Series X console exclusive by default.

dying light 2 vrr

Dying Light 2 will hit Xbox Series X|S and PC on December 7.

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