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New World on Xbox Series X? It seems unlikely

Amazon Game Studios is looking to firmly establish itself as a gaming juggernaut with New World. The MMORPG is set to launch on August 31, but one question has long lingered: will it will be coming to Xbox Series X|S?

Initially planned for release in May 2020, global circumstances pushed its launch back into 2021. The mid-1600s-set epic, in which players colonize a fuctional land modeled after North and South Americas in the Atlantic Ocean, has long been among the most anticipated games in the industry, and its one-off purchase price (as opposed to amonthly fee that’s common for games in the genre) has made it all that more appealing.

new world xbox

Hype for New World has peaked over the past few days, as the game has enjoyed an extremely good open beta on PC, with more than 200,000 concurrent players peaking on Steam over the weekend.

New World seems like the perfect kind of game for the Xbox platform, and its long been touted for an eventual release on the platform, particularly with the enhanced technical capabilities of the Series X, and how successful some PC games have been in transitioning to the console (Microsoft Flight Simulator being the most recent example).

new world xbox

Unfortunately, even with quite a bit of interest in New World on Xbox Series X, Amazon Game Studios insists the game is exclusive to PC, and possibly for the foreseeable future.

“While we understand many players would like to play the game on console, New World will only be available on PC,” the developer said in response to a fan on Twitter.

new world xbox

The final nail in the coffin may well be that the game won’t even be compatible with controllers until well after release, so it’s clear that a console Xbox version of New World isn’t even on the mind at the studio.

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