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How to play Microsoft Flight Simulator offline on Xbox Series X

With Microsoft Flight Simulator set to hit Xbox Series X in the coming hours — be sure to check out when the game is released in your region — gamers have begun lapping up the positive sentiment and critical consensus surrounding the franchise’s console debut.

Critics have been raving about Microsoft Flight Simulator on Xbox Series X, with the console version bringing with it the same technical prowess the PC equivalent has renowned for.

microsoft flight simulator xbox offline

What makes Microsoft Flight Simulator especially potent in his virtual representation of the world is its real-time rendering of actual locations around the globe. It uses unique data mapping techniques to track locations and movement in the virtual world in order to accurately reflect the real world into the game. It’s what makes the game so life-like.

The only downside to this is that you need to be online and have a stable internet connection in order to get the absolute optimal Microsoft Flight Simulator experience across both PC and Xbox Series X. The internet connection is ultimately what brings you that accuracy and high quality, and without that connection you’re going to end up with a not-so-optimised Microsoft Flight Simulator experience.

microsoft flight simulator xbox offline

Thankfully, you can still play Microsoft Flight Simulator on Xbox Series X without an internet connection.

Much like the PC version before it, Microsoft Flight Simulator has an offline mode, which actually makes up almost half of the 97GB download the game takes up.

microsoft flight simulator xbox offline

Per the official website:

“Microsoft Flight Simulator has an offline mode. To turn this mode on, you will need to launch the simulator with an internet connection first. From there, you can activate this mode and play offline in the future.”

There you have it: you can certainly download and play Microsoft Flight Simulator without being online, just don’t expect it to look as good nor be as accurate as the online equivalent. That said, the game is still well worth trying out, and if you’re an Xbox Game Pass subscriber it’ll be available later today to download on Xbox Series X|S.

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