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Microsoft Flight Simulator lands on Xbox Series X: Download size revealed

When it was first announced for Xbox Series X/S, many questioned whether the console version of Microsoft Flight Simulator could actually reach the heights achieved by the acclaimed PC counterpart. That release back in August 2020 reignited the long-standing franchise, but in bringing it to console Microsoft is opening the franchise up to an entirely new audience. There’s definitely a lot on the line.

So with its forthcoming release on July 27 — it’ll be available on Xbox Game Pass if you’re subscribed — Xbox gamers, particularly those that don’t have a PC (or one capable to play the PC), are eagerly waiting to see just how this mammoth achievement in game design will run and play on console, especially considering how staunchly “PC” in nature its control and experience is.

microsoft flight simulator xbox download size

All reports so far point to Microsoft Flight Simulator on Xbox Series X being just as good as the PC version, with some added tweaks to make it that little bit more accessible for a console audience playing exclusively with a controller. Hopes are high and the hype is real, and we’re only a week away from when it will finally hit console.

There is a catch to Microsoft Flight Simulator‘s release on console, however: with such a huge game coming to Xbox Series X, comes a similarly large storage requirement, with the game clocking it at almost 100GB, and that’s just the standard version of the game.

microsoft flight simulator xbox download size

We know this because those that have pre-ordered and/or pre-installed via Game Pass will be prompted with details that the game requires 97.2GB of spare storage space. There are also deluxe and premium deluxe versions of the game, and the game page itself says there is an approximate storage requirement of 147GB, suggesting those version could well require more than 10% of the Xbox Series X’s storage space.

The pre-install files comes in at roughly 270MB, so you won’t be break the (storage) bank just yet, but come pre-launch and pre-install time ahead of July 27, you’re going to need to ensure you have the space to download Microsoft Flight Simulator. This writer will need to clear our Warzone, Destiny 2 and a few others just to make room.

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