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Master Chief Collection primed for Xbox Series X upgrade

The next generation is setting up to be a big one for Master Chief. With Halo Infinite on the horizon and Xbox Series X set for launch on November 10, gamers can jump straight into the great Master Chief Collection on the console alongside a slick performance upgrade.

The Xbox Series X 120 FPS game list is already quite extensive, allowing gamers to play some of the latest AAA games as well as a list of current-gen blockbusters at 120 FPS, and in some cases also at 4K resolution.

halo master chief collection xbox one

From the framerate perspective, The Master Chief Collection joins that long list of 120 FPS games, with the compilation of Halo titles set to get a visual upgrade on November 17, a week after the Xbox Series X launch on November 10.

Additionally, it will also render in 4K resolution, although we have sought clarification as to whether that’s 4K and 120 FPS, or if both run independent of the other (ie. 4K at 60 FPS, and 120 FPS at 1080p). This compatibility will be available across both Xbox Series X and Series X.

xbox series x master chief collection

Also coming will be cross-gen play — meaning online gaming across both Series and Xbox One consoles — along with a FOV slider and improved cooperative split-screen visuals.

The new generation of console is fast approaching, with fans clamouring to get their hands on pre-orders ahead of the November 10 release of the Xbox Series X and Series S.

The power of the Series X and its little brother in the Series S has been the driving force of much conjecture within the gaming industry and among gamers, with a lot of the focus on Microsoft’s claim for 120 FPS as well as the potential for 8K gaming.

xbox series x game upgrades

While the latter is unlikely to happen anytime soon — perhaps not even this generation — many games within the Series X launch window are already claiming to offer 120 FPS and in some cases also at full 4K resolution.

Check out the full list of Xbox Series X 120 FPS games here.

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