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Overwatch 2 release date update: OWL delay could be biggest hint yet

It’s been a long time coming for Overwatch diehards but we could very well be set for huge Overwatch 2 news in the coming months.

It’s been more than four years since Overwatch first graced our PC and consoles, with countless skins, sprays and events steadily released, alongside new heroes and maps. However, things are certainly growing stale, and Overwatch fans are becoming increasingly impatient at the lack of Overwatch 2 updates.

Overwatch 2: Heroes we want to see reworked

With so few updates coming out of Blizzard directly, I’ve been thinking about some Overwatch 2 heroes that could be reworked, and the growing list of changes and improvements certainly has all eyes on Blizzcon 2021, the long-touted moment of redemption for Overwatch fans.

Comments made by streamer Metro on Twitter back in August, a well-known Overwatch and Blizzard leaker that has revealed accurate leaks related to Overwatch 2, claimed that the next Overwatch 2 content we’d see would indeed be at Blizzon 2021.

“The next OW 2 content we will get to see is gonna be at Blizzcon 2021, which is confirmed as digital event early next year,” they said on Twitter.

overwatch 2

“It is likely that we will get a release or at least beta with that showcase. First quarter of 2021 guys!”

The hype is certainly picking up ahead of Blizzcon 2021, and now there’s further update and hints at a possible Overwatch 2 release or beta before Blizzcon even takes place across February 19 and February 20, 2021.

Speaking on Twitter over the weekend, Metro has again added fuel to the Overwatch 2 release date fire, claiming the most recent delay of the Overwatch League suggests Overwatch 2 updates could come very soon.

overwatch 2

“Rumors of the next OWL season being delayed until April,” Metro began, “to make sure they can launch with OW2.

“[This suggests] that the expected beta or even full release of the game around Blizzcon in February 2021 is very likely.”

Blizzcon 2021 has long been touted as a major event for Overwatch 2, with either a release date, beta, or perhaps even an actual release touted for the event. However, much of it was just banter and rumours, and while this latest news still fits firmly in that rumour pile, it does make sense to delay the OWL ahead of a potential Overwatch 2 release.

What are your thoughts? Will Overwatch 2 be released at Blizzcon 2021? Sound off in the comments below!

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