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NBA 2K21 next-gen gameplay is sure to blow your socks off

Earlier in the week I said that an NBA 2K21 next-gen gameplay reveal was just around the corner. Just my luck, that happened while I was sleeping, but nonetheless, we now have our first look at genuine, real next-gen gameplay of NBA 2K21.

And it’s just as amazing as anyone could have hoped for!

nba 2k21 next gen gameplay

2K Sports blew the lid off its highly anticipated next-gen offering, after a so-so effort on current-gen systems quickly turned attention over to the NBA 2K‘s transition to the Xbox Series X and PS5.

Much like NBA 2K14‘s “wow” moment in the transition from the 360/PS3 era into the current generation, NBA 2K21 plans to set the scene and standard early as one of the first games to have that truly “next-gen” feel.

nba 2k21 next gen gameplay

There’s a lot banking on this next-gen iteration of NBA 2K21: can it make amends for what was a fairly divisive current-gen outing, bringing a new My Career, refined shooting mechanics, and smoother overall basketball experience? Here’s hoping.

The gameplay trailer doesn’t reveal much of what we can expect, instead in typical NBA 2K fashion showing off the glitz of everything that’s shining in the next-gen version.

nba 2k21 next gen gameplay

Luka Doncic, Steph Curry, and Clay Thompson all feature predominately here, as does Warriors coach, Steve Kerr, although he’s probably not quite the physical spokesperson 2K Sports wants to lean on to sell their next-gen behemoth.

The beauty in this trailer comes by way of the photorealistic graphics, evident from the moment Doncic is seen walking through the player’s tunnel towards the court. It’s all shot very well, and while it may not seem like gameplay footage, NBA 2K diehards will definitely recognise this as bonafide in-game footage.

nba 2k21 next gen gameplay

That’s enough from me: time for you to watch next-gen NBA 2K21 footage for the first time. Check it out below.

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