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NBA 2K21 next gen release date confirmed: Is a gameplay reveal imminent?

NBA 2K21 will transition into the next generation of video game consoles from the moment said consoles hit store shelves. But when will we see gameplay?

While the release date news has been known for quite some time — NBA 2K21‘s next gen release appeared locked in last month— it hasn’t quite been officially confirmed, even if it did come directly from the game’s own director.

nba 2k21 next gen release date

Nothing on the PR front really pointed to NBA 2K21 being a Series X and PS5 launch title, but with just over a month until both consoles launch we now finally have locked and loaded confirmation of the game’s next-gen release.

In making NBA 2K21‘s next gen release date official, confirming it for a November 10 (Series X), November 12 (PS5 in select regions) and November 19 (global PS5) release schedule, 2K Sports also unearthed the game’s first screenshot, although it’s not really much to write home about.

nba 2k21 next gen release date

So now, with the next gen release date locked in, when can we expect to see actual gameplay from the next gen version of NBA 2K21?

If we go by last generation’s NBA 2K14 release schedule, we should probably expect something in the next week or so. The Xbox One and PS4 both saw similar release timings, launching on November 22 and November 15, respectively.

nba 2k21 next gen release date

The Xbox Series X and PS5 come a bit earlier, almost seven years to the day albeit a week or so before. Still, given we’re now closer to that release date than we were when the NBA 2K14 next-gen trailer dropped (October 17, 2013), I predict a new gameplay trailer before the end of the week.

That would put us at just over a month until the release of both the Series X and PS5, and it would lend well to the game’s community right ahead of the release of next gen consoles.

nba 2k21 next gen release date

A screenshot, along with some tech demo footage released earlier in the year for PS5, don’t really show us much outside of how the game will look, but NBA 2K21 players ultimately want to see how it will play and function.

2K Sports has been promising a lot from a gameplay and features perspective, so fingers crossed for an NBA 2K21 next gen gameplay reveal soon.

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