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Blizzcon 2021 dates confirmed, so is this when we’ll see Overwatch 2?

It’s been a long time between drinks for Blizzard fans — and even longer for Overwatch players — but we now finally have a locked and loaded date for Blizzcon 2021, and it’s coming a lot sooner than expected.

With global circumstances forcing the cancellation — or delay — of Blizzcon 2020 into 2021, much chatter centred around just when Blizzard expected to host its flagship event, and, importantly for Overwatch fans, when it intended to show more of Overwatch 2.

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We now know at least one of those things: Blizzcon — or “Blizzconline”, as it will be called — will be a digital event, and will take place across February 19 and February 20, 2021. That’s a lot sooner than expected, especially given many believed it wouldn’t be until the end of Q4, perhaps as late as April or May.

“While circumstances are keeping us from gathering in person this year, we’re putting together a little something early next year to channel the spirit of BlizzCon into the form of an online show”, Blizzard said in a statement.

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Now of course, for me Blizzcon 2021 will be a big one because I’ve been hanging for more Overwatch 2 news, as I’m sure so many of you are as well. We’ve been starved of content and updates — understandably given the current climate — but murmurs point to a huge Blizzcon from an Overwatch perspective. Reality is that Blizzard just simply can’t hold off any longer on revealing Overwatch 2 and potentially releasing it to the masses.

Back in September, chatter pointed to a late March date for Blizzcon. So that chatter was wrong. But nonetheless, claims of a digital only event were true even before Blizzard confirmed it, and mentions of Overwatch 2 could have us primed for an exciting start to 2021.

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Comments made by streamer Metro on Twitter, a well-known Overwatch and Blizzard leaker that has revealed accurate leaks related to Overwatch 2, claimed that the next Overwatch 2 content we’d see would indeed be at Blizzon 2021.

“The next OW 2 content we will get to see is gonna be at Blizzcon 2021, which is confirmed as digital event early next year,” they said on Twitter.

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“It is likely that we will get a release or at least beta with that showcase. First quarter of 2021 guys!”

A beta would be awesome but a release would be huge, especially after the year we’ve just had. Fingers crossed for a big February 2021!

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