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NBA 2K21 Stephen Curry Build

We’ve already covered the best builds at every position, a bunch of My Player Builder tips to set you on your way, and even looked at a Kobe Bryant build, but let’s take a look at some current NBA superstars for your NBA 2K21 shenanigans: this time, let’s build Stephen Curry.

Curry is a great build in NBA 2K21 because he gives you a solid Badges starting ground with 54 (the maximum is 68). It’s not a huge amount but enough across the Shooting and Playmaking attributes to help you take over a game.

nba 2k21 best builds point guard

There’s going to be some solid defensive awareness here as well, with Curry’s lateral quickness helping him develop sound perimeter defense and steal attributes.

Maximising his Pass Accuracy and Ball Handles will alone net you 22 Badges in Playmaking, so you’re creating a point guard visionary with this build that will help you climb the ranks fairly quickly.

nba 2k21 steph curry build

All of his Shooting attributes are maxed out aside from the Post Fade, as are his Finishing attributes, with the Post Hook move also left alone to the wayside.

Speed and Acceleration is key here, giving him a boost up and down the court on fast breaks and getting back defensively, tying into those sound Defensive attributes that mould this build in a fairly well-rounded player.

Let’s take a look at how to build Stephen Curry in NBA 2K21.

nba 2k21 best builds point guard

Firstly, you want to prioritise Shooting and Playmaking because, well, it’s Stephen Curry. His Defense and Finishing attributes have a lower ceiling but the guy’s going to be making so many shots anyway, and his speed will get him into space for open shots so we don’t need to prioritise those areas much anyway.

nba 2k21 best builds point guard

Our physical build wants Agility prioritisation, which is going to give us the highest gains in Speed and Acceleration. Our guy here isn’t a Slasher so we don’t need much Vertical nor Strength given he probably won’t be getting inside very often.

nba 2k21 best builds point guard

When spending your Attribute upgrades, you want to net the above breakdown. Close Shot and Driving Layup should be maxed out, with Driving Dunk thereabouts. Push the Standing Dunk to the bring although it’s still quite low at 46.

With the exception of Post Fade, max out all of the Shooting attribute. Our guy is going to be shooting lights out so we want him proficient in outside shooting.

On the Playmaking front, boost Pass Accuracy and Ball Handle, with a slight boost to Post Moves. And finally with Defense / Rebounding, max out Perimeter Defnese, Lateral Quickness, Steal, and Defensive Rebound.

You want to have the below physical attributes as well:

  • Height: 6″2
  • Weight: 170
  • Wingspan: 75
  • Takeover: Shot Creator

And that’s that! Follow the above and you’ll end up with a Stephen Curry build.

nba 2k21 best builds point guard
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