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NBA 2K20 VC Boosting Guide: How To Earn VC The Legit Way In My Career

NBA 2K20 has dropped, bringing with it a host of changes, an enhanced My Player Builder, new Locker Codes and, of course, a new My Career story.

The bread-and-butter of the NBA 2K20 experience is Virtual Currency, or “VC”, which can be used to purchase any number of different items in the game, including upgrading your created player’s attributes in My Career. In this guide we’ll explain the sure-fire way to earn VC quickly and easily while playing games in My Career.

nba 2k20 VC

While there’s definitely a “grinding” component attached to this tip, it’s the most legitimate and effective way to build up your VC coffers without exploiting the game or spending real money.

Play patient and precise basketball

One of the key tips we offer in our My Career drafting guide is to play within your skillset: don’t overuse, over-dribble, or over-shoot the ball, don’t pass through traffic, and don’t play above your weight.

nba 2k20 VC

You’ll be punished if you overuse the ball in a way that is detrimental to your team’s performance, and this will ultimately impact your VC earnings.

Depending on your position, your play style will obviously be dictated by your contribution — or expected contribution — to the team. If you’re a ball handler, make clean passes down the lane, set screens off the ball, and move off the ball. If you’re playing in the front court, box out and defend in the post effectively to best utilise your player’s abilities and defensive prowess.

Run The Pick-And-Roll

This is useful regardless of your position, but of course being a PG or SG is going to play a more important role for the effective execution of the pick-and-roll.

nba 2k20 VC

Typically I play the pick-and-roll after calling an Isolation play: once you’ve established that space on the floor, call for the high pick. Once the pick has been set, dribble past or through the screen, and then as the screening player rolls off towards the basket, hit them up with a crisp pass. You’ll net easy VC for the Assist, Pass, and Ball Movement. It’s a move that can be run time and time again, and while the AI will adjust slightly, it’ll only require you to be more precise with your passing.

Further, watch out for the double-teams: once you nail the pick and roll a few times, you’ll notice the AI starting to double-team you. Identify this and hit the open play. You’ll net easy VC. Now, of course, scoring is going to net you the most VC, but there a good team things you can do, more consistently and far more easier to help boost your VC stocks.

Hit The Boards

Like above, regardless of position, hitting the boards for rebounds will net you easy VC. On defense it can open the door for a fast break, and, if you nail the pass, and your team scores, you’ll need VC for the rebound, fast break, pass, assist/pass-to-assist, and score off a fast break.

nba 2k20 VC

Offensive boards are also lucrative VC earners. Not as easy especially for smaller players, crash the boards for every shot, just be careful of the opposition outlet pass for the fast break going the other way: you have to be prepared to run both ways.

Set Effective Screens

Press B/Circle will set a screen. Setting a screen ahead of an assist or score will need you additional VC alongside the effective screen. Good off-ball movement will also net you VC.

nba 2k20 VC

If you notice an AI-controlled player dribbling and waiting for an opening, move over to them to set the pick. They may occasionally just pass you the ball, but you can pass it back, set the pick, roll off, and hopefully create some space for an effective offensive play and, as reward, a healthy dose of VC.

Have any playing tips to earn VC quickly and easily in NBA 2K20? Sound off in the comments below!

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