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FIFA 20 Career Mode has gone through some impressive changes

If one area of the FIFA franchise has been neglected over the past few years, it’s been Career Mode. Thankfully, EA Sports is looking to reinvigorate and significantly improve Career Mode in FIFA 20 with a number of important and impressive changes.

Set to launch on September 27, FIFA 20 is being touted as the most ‘authentic’ of the FIFA games, although that’s a big call given a similar narrative has shaped the franchise’s annual releases for more than a decade. That said, Career Mode in FIFA 20 does appear to be taking a number of important steps to making the experience feel as “authentic” as possible.

fifa 20 career mode changes

One of the main drivers for me when playing FIFA has been the reward you get from making positive choices, and that feeling really hasn’t been present for a few years. I have to go back almost a decade to last find when FIFA‘s Manager career mode felt actually reward, so some changes here to FIFA 20‘s Career Mode certainly have me excited.

Importantly, the ability to impact team and club morale based on performances and responses during press conferences will hopefully help shape the Manager component of Career Mode into a feature that is driven by that “authentic” feel of risk and reward.

fifa 20 career mode changes

I remember back to my peak FIFA playing days, when Manager Mode was my immediate go-to. I’d still play matches every now and then but I enjoyed the challenge in helping a basket case in the third or fourth division work its way up to the top-tier leagues. Press conferences, player and relationship management, costings, branding: these all played a role in how effective and successful you were in the role.

Granted, these features have still been present in some capacity in recent FIFA games, but they weren’t anywhere near as influential, unpredictable, or punishing, so it felt rather pointless to care about it all. The introduction of Player Conversations — 1-on-1 conversations between player and manager — only further feed into this craving for authenticity on the manager front, and alongside both pre and post-match press conference, I feel can really help drive this mode towards success.

fifa 20 career mode changes

The big step up for Career Mode, as is being heavily touted, is that of customisation. You’ll now have the ability to create and choose from a number of different female characters, and there appears to be an increasingly in-depth customisation and creation tool that was in dire need of a reworking and reimagining after the past few years.

FIFA 20 stands to be as important an entry for the franchise as ever. Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer franchise continues to improve year-on-year from a quality perspective, and arguably overtook FIFA over the past few years for on-field gameplay alone. Whilst FIFA takes the cake from a licensing and features perspective, it’s still important that those features excel in the authenticity stakes.

fifa 20 career mode changes

FIFA 20 launches September 27.

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