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Modern Warfare will see the return of Killstreaks, ‘Juggernaut’ confirmed

Killstreaks will be back for Call of Duty in Modern Warfare, with the devastating Juggernaut set to make a return in this year’s game.

If you weren’t already hyped for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare — and, really, you’d be crazy not to be — then the latest news may just tip you over the edge into hypeville.

modern warfare spec ops

The official Call of Duty Twitter account has confirmed that the game, which will see gamers return to the famed Modern Warfare series in a reboot-sequel — or “requel” (sorry not sorry) — will indeed include Killstreaks as they once were across the Call of Duty franchise.

This means that Scorestreaks, as we’ve known in every Call of Duty entry since 2011’s Modern Warfare 3, will be a thing of the past, and that you’ll be rewarded based on killcount, rather than simply how many “scores” — or actions — you can rack up.

modern warfare modern warfare spec ops

There’s been many rumors around about potential Killstreaks, and there really aren’t many surprises in the list doing the rounds. YouTuber The Gaming Revolution first detailed the killstreaks noted below, with the official Call of Duty account confirming three of them, including Juggernaut, Infantry Assault Vehicle, and the White Phosphorus.

Check out the full list below.

Modern Warfare Killstreaks

Note: This isn’t the full confirmed list. Killstreaks that have been confirmed are noted as such.

Personal UAV: Infinity Ward has confirmed that Modern Warfare won’t have an in-game mini-map, lending towards the developer’s aim to make the game as realistic as possible. This stands to make the standard Personal UAV an especially useful Killstreak.

modern warfare cross play

Shielded Turret: Probably as we’d expect: a turret that can be dropped at any location, shielded and active until disabled by the enemy team.

Care Package: The Care Package has become somewhat of a Call of Duty staple for almost a decade now, and while it rarely drops the lucrative high-Killstreak reward, it still stands as a useful reward if you want to quickly cycle through your Killstreaks.

Scrambler Drone: This we assume will be a bit like a Counter UAV, which was the bomb in Modern Warfare 3 when UAV’s were being activated every other second.

modern warfare cross play

Cluster Strike: This Killstreak is said to scan over an area with laser-type blasts from overhead jets that cycle through a set, designated area.

Cruise Missile: We can assume this will act as a Predator Missile of sorts, having you guide a missile down to the ground from above.

UAV: Unlike the Personal UAV, this will give your entire team UAV access.

Precision Airstrike: Fairly self explanatory, this one: select an area to bombard, and watch the fireworks!

Wheelson”: Rumours surrounding this one point to a Cerberus-circa-Black Ops 4 type Killstreak, which is a remote-controlled mini-tank.

Modern Warfare Spec Ops confirmed, first since MW3

Chopper: Reportedly this will be similar to the AC-130’s auto-fire, meaning you’ll be able to board the chopper and fire down from above.

Chopper Support: As above, but controlled by the AI.

Advanced UAV : This will offer an advanced version of the full UAV, showing enemy direction.

White Phosphorous (confirmed): This one sounds rather devastating: a chemical weapon dropped down on a set area by the player.

modern warfare killstreak white phosphorus

Infantry Assault Vehicle (confirmed): This is driven around by the player, and acts as a near-invincible ground tank.

modern warfare killstreak assault vehicle

VTOL: I can only assume this will be Modern Warfare‘s equivalent of the AC-130.

Juggernaut (confirmed): This will reportedly be the most lucrative and highest Killstreak available in the game, giving you an armor suit with plenty of firepower.

modern warfare killstreak juggernaut

What are your thoughts on the above list? Sound off in the comments below!

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