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Overwatch Sigma abilities: What should we expect?

With the reveal of the latest hero to join the Overwatch ranks, we now turn our attention to the type of abilities and features we can expect from Hero 31, the new gravity defying hero in Sigma.

The “eccentric astrophysicist” has an obvious obsession with gravity, and so it goes without saying that his abilities will in some way focus around or incorporate gravity. That certainly raises the stakes, along with some fascinating questions around his role in the Overwatch roster.

overwatch sigma abilities

Sigma’s Role

All signs point to Sigma being a tank, and based on the narrative that fuels his origin story, it’s clear that in some capacity he’s being held captive by someone to utilise his new-found abilities. Given the tone of the trailer, and the fact Moira and Widowmaker both stand behind him in the distance towards the end of the video, we can probably assume he’s firmly in Talon’s corner, perhaps against his will.

We think he’ll be a tank based purely on his armor: although the likes of Brigitte, Reaper and even Torbjorn being decked out on the armor front may suggest he could play a damage-support role. Given Baptiste only recently joined the fold, however, it appears more likely that Sigma will join the tank crew. Besides, we really don’t need anymore damage heroes.

overwatch sigma abilities

Consider that Talon’s roster — Reaper, Sombra, Widowmaker, Moira and Doomfist — are all heavy-hitters on the damage front, with Moira filling the Support role. There’s no one leading the way from a tanky perspective and so clearly that’s where Sigma would fit in.

Primary Abilities

So gravity will obviously play an important part, but how will it differ from, say, an Orisa “Halt!” ability, which drags enemies and objects towards it upon detonation? It effectively works like a black hole, but we should probably expect Sigma to take things to the next level.

For one I’d expect his ability to centre around a black hole of sorts: detonate, and it absorbs everything around it, rather than simply drag and drop items and enemies like Orisa’s Halt. This would be useful against enemy ultimates, turrets and the like given it would stop them in their tracks.

overwatch sigma abilities

I’d personally like to see some sort of experimentation with time: given our understanding — or lack thereof — of gravity and how it morphs space and time around it, I wonder how the use of gravity here can also be used to manipulate time. Tracer uses rewind to go back to a former state, so how cool would it be for an ability where an entire match is rewound to a few seconds earlier? Drop the black hole, and everything around it goes back to a few seconds prior. It could help in recapturing a point without actually having to stand there and capture it.

What really stood out for me during the trailer was the obvious use of two distinctively different personalities. One was calm, the other was dark. We see different types of orbs or “cubes” throughout the clip, which raises similarities with Moira’s own abilities. Might a light orb of gravity speed up friendlies, similar to a Lucio speed boost, while a dark orb of gravity distorts space and time near it, slowing down enemies?

overwatch sigma abilities

These abilities I feel would fit in nicely with the role and expectations of a tank: create openings for your damage dealers to effectively manage the enemy team. Tanks are crowd-controllers, damage dealers, and path creators. I trust that gravity will be used in some capacity to incorporate these philosophies.

What are your thoughts on Sigma and his potential abilities? Sound off in the comments below!

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