Overwatch Hero 31: Sigma is our new gravity defying hero Overwatch Hero 31: Sigma is our new gravity defying hero
After months of teasing and conjecture, we now finally know that Sigma is Hero 31: our new gravity-defying Overwatch hero. Overwatch Hero 31: Sigma is our new gravity defying hero

After much conjecture and months of teasing, we now finally know who the 31st hero to join the Overwatch roster is: introducing Sigma, our new gravity defying hero.

The trailer reveal for Sigma is a confusing, eerie insight into the mad world of the scientist, and his obsession with gravity.

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The sequence of events portrayed in the origin story trailer is structured as a non-linear telling of Sigma’s progression into the character we’ll come to know when he joints the Overwatch crew. His obsession with gravity — and how to harness it — will likely play an important role in how Sigma is played.

Described as an “eccentric astrophysicist”, the origin story details how Sigma may be used as a weapon against his will: he mentions a “prison” and elements of “freedom”, and appears confused after what appears to have been an experiment gone wrong.

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This disturbing insight into his past suggests he may be used by Talon, the terrorist organisation and primary antagonist of the Overwatch world, as a powerful gravity-controlling weapon of sorts.

Sigma will join the roster as another addition to the Tank class, and it goes without saying that his abilities will likely incorporate gravity in some way. This is bound to generate plenty of chatter among the Overwatch faithful, but unfortunately we’ve not heard anything further from Blizzard regarding the hero’s abilities.

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Given it’s generally a few weeks after an Origin story before we get a look at new heroes, we should probably expect Sigma to join the PTR prior to the start of Season 18, and ahead of the new role lock system.

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