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Overwatch League Replay now live on PC

You can now study and watch the pros like a pro thanks to the introduction of the new Overwatch League Replay feature on PC.

Blizzard has launched the replay system as a way to allow players and Overwatch League fans the ability to watch replays of full League matches from pretty much any perspective.

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Similar to the Overwatch World Cup viewer that launched alongside last year’s event, you’ll be able to use the platform and system to adjust your viewing perspective, slow down the video speed, and even focus on specific players and heroes for your own studying and analysis.

It turned out to be a popular feature back then, and fans have been clamouring for its return, particularly those hellbent on rising the ranks and improving their performances across the Competitive scene.

overwatch workshop release date

The League Replay feature is an individual download, accessed via the app. It notes a 20GB download, but most of this should come from your Overwatch game files, provided the game sits on the same system you’re downloading the League Replay feature.

You’ll be able to view matches and play styles via either a first-person or third-person perspective, with a state camera also available to capture large-scale team fights as they take place throughout matches.

overwatch workshop release date

Test it out now, as detailed here at the official PlayOverwatch website.

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